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C. F. Martin Inaugural Wood Summit '07

woodsummit07 1Nazareth, PA - C. F. Martin & Co. hosted its inaugural musical instrument wood summit at its corporate headquarters. Suppliers of wood originating in North, Central and South America, as well as Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, attended the unprecedented day-long event.

During several panel discussions, attendees spoke candidly about the historical, current and anticipated availability of tonewood species they supply. In some cases, although wood sources are large, local politics, country-specific legislation, worldwide demand, sound environmental practices and international trade treaties limit availability. In other cases, the supply of wood itself is already constrained as a result of innate rareness or unsustainable logging practices.

Daphne Hewitt, Project Manager for the Rainforest Alliance’s TREES (Training Research Extension Education Systems) initiative, gave an overview. The TREES initiative is designed to improve the effectiveness of forest certification in conserving biodiversity and to provide economic support to local communities, as well as to educate consumers and those in the forest products marketplace about the conservation and economic benefits of Forest Stewardship Council certification and economic benefits of Forest Stewardship Council certification through SmartWood, a program of the Rainforest Alliance. The FSC promotes, develops and monitors principles and criteria for voluntary, independent third party certification and accreditation that addresses and ensures environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests through a traceable chain of custody from forest to finished product. Many of the attendees expressed great interest in and support for certification. C. F. Martin & Co. expressed its determination to rigorously pursue and obtain certification.

The day concluded with the planting of a commemorative indigenous Fraxinus pennsylvanica (green ash) in front of the C. F. Martin & Co. facility, followed by a catered dinner in the atrium of the Martin Visitors Center.

C. F. Martin & Co. looks forward to hosting this summit again as a means of staying current with issues surrounding this important natural resource.

woodsummit07 2

Martin launches new dealer program

Nazareth, PA - C. F. Martin & Co., Inc. announces the introduction of a new high-end dealership to create a new buying experience for the Martin enthusiast.

The 1833 Dealer program is awarded to a select group of Martin dealers who have demonstrated their commitment to preserving and building the preeminent image of the C. F. Martin brand. As a result of their commitment, they have access to a very unique offering of exquisite Custom Martin guitars designed by Martin designers and luthiers. These 1833 Dealer Custom guitars are not available anywhere else.

The dealers who have been selected for the inaugural launch of the 1833 Dealership are listed on the 1833 Dealer page.

Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival Starts Early at Martin Guitar

windgap 1

Nazareth, Pennsylvania - Three self-professed “grillbillies” gave an impromptu performance in the Martin Visitors Center on Thursday, June 7, 2007. Local artists George Wood on banjo, Laura Orshaw on fiddle and Saravanan “Doc” Sankaran on bass fiddle were on their way to the Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival in nearby Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. This local festival is in its 26th year and typically brings many “grassers” to the Martin Guitar Museum and factory tour. These three musicians were no exception, claiming they have never been to the Martin factory. The three joked that Saravanan will probably be up for 36 hours straight jamming. It was truly a treat to other visitors and employees alike to hear some authentic bluegrass music. We appreciate their generosity and musicianship and wonder if they might need a guitar player?

Vintage Car Enthusiasts Visit the Martin Guitar Factory

horseless07 1Nazareth, PA - Members of the Horseless Carriage Club of America - the Premier Brass-Era Touring Club - motored into the Martin factory parking lot culminating a 30-mile morning procession from nearby Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The 70 vehicles and their drivers were participating in the “Brass in Bucks County” – 6th Annual Brass Era National Tour and Flea Market May 20-24, 2007. All of the vehicles involved were manufactured before January 1, 1916, according to the mandate of the club charter, and today’s attendees appeared to be from throughout the nation. Part of the agenda of these touring events is to provide the members with journeys to pertinent cultural locations. They were here to visit the Martin Guitar Museum and take the factory tour.

True to the event name, there were plenty of polished brass parts showing on these treasured vehicles. Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Pierce Arrow, Ford, Fiat, Oldsmobile, Buick and REO were just some of the manufacturers represented (nearly 400 automobile manufacturers existed before the Depression). Some of the “carriages” present were in fact the last existing example of their kind. There were even steam-powered vehicles affectionately called “Steamers.” Some of the drivers and passengers were wearing period clothing and were very willing to share their passion for their cars with Martin employees.

These folks surely have an appreciation for simpler times, and they associate with the history and heritage at Martin Guitar. We were privileged to witness what is perhaps the largest collection of pre-1916 vehicles gathered in one place on the entire East Coast.

Thanks a lot, kindred spirits.

horseless07 2

Work Begins on the Christian F. Martin Boys Hostel


boyshostel07 1Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico - The President of the Department of Infancy and Families (DIF) Sonora, Lourdes Laborín de Bours laid the first stone for what will be the C. F. Martin Youth Hostel (dormitory), a part of the Casa Hogar Betesda, with the ultimate goal of fostering the dreams and hopes of underprivileged boys.

Accompanied by members of the Board of Directors of Casa Hogar, the resident youth, the Mayor Onésimo Maiscales Delgadillo and his wife Aucelia García de Mariscales, the President of DIF Navojoa, Ms. Laborín de Bours praised the hard work of the Board over the last 8 years, who have dedicated themselves to care for abandoned and impoverished children.

As part of the event, the President of DIF Sonora witnessed the donations of $24,570 USD given by guitar-maker C. F. Martin & Co., Inc. and presented by Mr. Bill Hall to the Board, which is headed by Pedro Barraza and Joaquíin Bours Zaragosa, President and Vice-President respectively.

Laborín de Bours highlighted the determination of the U.S. Company to return to the local society something of what it has gained over the years. She also responded to requests to expedite the applications for adoption and that pending cases would be analyzed quickly.

For her part, García de Mariscales congratulated the Board of Directors of Casa Hogar Betesda, who in a united, selfless and humanitarian effort supported by Loudes Laborín de Bours and companies like C. F. Martin will continue to initiate projects in this organization which is worthy of recognitions.

Casa Hogar Betesda is run by the Sisters of Mercy in conjunction with the Board and a team of volunteers. It was founded in 1999 to house abandoned and impoverished boys with the goal of helping them become better persons and separating them from vices and from the fallout of broken families. In light of the growing number of the boys, Casa Hogar Betesda requires additional space which necessitated the expansion of the center with dormitories, bathrooms, living rooms, gardens and a mental health center to accommodate up to 30 boys.

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