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Frank Henry Martin's legacy is immeasurable, brilliantly guiding the company through two world wars, a depression, shortages of materials, while still capitalizing on succession of major musical trends.

Frank Henry Martin put his heart and soul into the guitar business.  He never had the opportunity of going to college because he had to take over the business.  He did, however, study Latin and other subjects at home.  He also read a lot, such books as "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire."

Difficult as it may have been, he found time for still more activities.  He was an officer in the Moravian Church. He served as a member and secretary of the school board in Nazareth.

He spent all of his life in the guitar business, having been trained by his father as a guitar maker. He was skillful with his hands and liked to do woodwork as a hobby. In the evenings he would, with a scroll saw, cut intricate designs for bookshelves and sewing baskets. That sort of thing he liked to do, because he loved wood.

Mr. F.H. Martin was not a musician, but he could sing fairly well. He never learned to play the guitar other than a few chords. He was a guitar maker, not a guitar player. He had a mother and four unmarried sisters to support.  The sisters' names were according to their age; Agnes, Laura, Anna, and Harriet. Agnes and Harriet were married within a few years, but the other two never were married.

Mr. Martin retired about 1945 but he kept his desk in the office and was there a great deal. He was an active man and continued to influence the business until about 1947. He would probably have retired earlier, but his son Frederick had been heavily involved in activities concerning the war effort.

Walking was one of his favorite activities. He would take daily walks, some many miles in length. About this time a road was being put in between Nazareth and Wind Gap. According to his wife, the former Miss Jennie Keller, he took a great interest in this construction and would walk up to check on its progress whenever the weather permitted.

Mr. Frank Henry Martin passed away April 9, 1948. This was a great loss, not only to his loved ones, but also to the community. He had accomplished the feat of turning a small guitar shop controlled by outside interests into a thriving family owned and controlled business.  His guitars were known and respected throughout the world. He was a proud man, and a truly successful businessman.

Frank Henry Martin passes away.
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