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C. F. Martin & Co. Commemorate 175th Anniversary

175thAdNazareth, PA - C.F. Martin & Company is celebrating its 175th Anniversary as the oldest surviving maker of guitars in the world. Currently the largest producer of acoustic guitars in the United States, the company is highly regarded for creating some of the finest instruments and introducing innovations that have become industry standards in the music products industry. The company, founded in the U.S., has been continuously family owned and operated for six generations. Currently headed by Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV, the company has prospered as it has been handed down five times since it was started by German immigrant Christian Frederick Martin, Sr. in 1833.

"The 175th anniversary of our company represents a profound milestone. Our signature product and Martin's seamless tradition of quality to this day remain a significant source of pride for my family and all of those who are involved in crafting these extraordinary instruments," said Martin Guitar Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV. "Since 1833 musicians have connected with audiences everywhere the world over, showcasing their talent and virtuosity over all genres. Martin's significance and cultural impact over 175 years is simply immeasurable."

In honor of their 175th Jubilee, C.F. Martin & Co. will kick-off a year-long campaign in honor of the acoustic guitar - an instrument that has helped define virtually all genres of music from classical and country to blues, folk and acoustic rock. Special events include an auction at Christie's of exquisite Martin prototypes, pulled from an archived collection, to benefit the Martin Foundation in late 2008. Additional initiatives include introducing a line of limited edition guitars, the publication of several books, a CD compilation featuring the performances of Martin artists, the introduction of an in-depth online photo gallery chronicling the company's vast history, as well as significant recognition locally, statewide and nationwide for the company's accomplishments and cultural contributions over the last 175 years.

Since, C.F. Martin & Co. has survived a wide variety of economic, social and political upheavals including the Civil War, post-war turmoil, influxes of immigrant populations with varying tastes and customs, World War I, the "Roaring '20s," the Great Depression, World War II, The Vietnam years and the technological revolution. Through it all, Martin not only survived, but its reputation and outreach ultimately improved and increased, earning an unparalleled reputation for dedication to exceptional quality and focus on one product - superbly well-crafted acoustic guitars. In recent years, despite the global economic downturn, Martin has set company sales records, crafted their millionth acoustic instrument, undergone a complete renovation and expansion of the Martin factory and unveiled an impressive new museum and visitor's center at their headquarters in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Responsible for creating a number of industry standards through the years, C.F. Martin & Co. developed "X-bracing," the 14-fret guitar and the "Dreadnought" size - all of which have been copied by virtually every acoustic guitar manufacturer in the world. This past year Martin Guitar was honored by Readers Digest ("America's 100 Best") and heralded by the New York Times ("Saving Trees is Music to Guitar Makers' Ears") for helping pioneer the guitar industry's eco-movement by developing instruments crafted from sustainable woods and innovative alternative materials - ensuring the future of Martin Guitar for generations to come.

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