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C.F. Martin & Co. Announces the Promotion of Theresa Hoffman to International Sales Manager

NAZARETH, PA – C. F. Martin & Co. is pleased to announce that Theresa Hoffman has been promoted to International Sales Manager reporting directly to Steven Carletti, Vice President of Global Sales where she will be responsible for global customer management and sales leadership encompassing Martin’s Guitar and String divisions.

C.F Martin & Co. Announces the Promotion of Kristi Bronico to Sales Manager for Martin Strings

NAZARETH, PA – Leading acoustic guitar maker C.F. Martin & Co. has formally announced the promotion of Kristi Bronico to Sales Manager for Martin Strings. Kristi has supported strings sales over the past three years as Product Manager of Strings, working on sales programs and promotions. Bronico brought more than ten years of sales and marketing experience with previous employers to the role when she joined the Martin family.  She will continue to work with Tim McNair, General Manager of the Strings Division.

C.F. Martin & Co. Receives Patent for Innovative Guitar Neck-to-Body Joint Router System

March 9, 2015 – C. F. Martin & Co. announced today that they have received a new patent for their innovative guitar neck joint router system, originally introduced in 2012.  Created and spearheaded by Theresa Hoffman, Engineering Project Manager at Martin Guitar, the machine is a complex combination of measuring sensors, a scanning probe, aluminum tooling, and three different cutting tools.

The patented router system uses a scanning probe to measure critical areas of the guitar body and neck. The measurements are then compared to optimal neck fit settings required to obtain a perfect neck fit. The system will calculate the adjustments required for the proper set-up for bridge height and neck centering and machines areas on the body to create perfectly matched parts. The system machines the fingerboard and heel areas on the body as well as the final dovetail dimensions, thereby providing a tighter neck joint, enhanced tone, and improved playability.

Martin Guitar Appoints Coast Musical as its Sole String Distributor in Canada Beginning April 1, 2015

Nazareth, PA – C. F. Martin & Co. ( has welcomed Coast Music, a Division of Jam Industries, to the Martin String family, appointing them as their exclusive distributor of Martin Strings for the Canadian market beginning April 1, 2015. Martin Guitar recently unveiled their newly revamped Martin Strings line at the 2015 Winter NAMM Trade Show, which showcased elegant designs for all 8 major acoustic string product lines and stay-fresh packaging.

Martin Guitar Continues Partnership With Ace Hotel, Expanding to New York City

Nazareth, PA – C. F. Martin & Co. ( has expanded its partnership with Ace Hotel to now include custom guitars in select rooms in its New York City property. Currently, custom Martin guitars are showcased in Ace Hotel rooms of two major cities – Los Angeles and London Shoreditch – providing guests with the unique opportunity to play Martin’s acoustic guitars during their hotel stay. Each guitar has a custom interior label and laser-etched on the body of the guitar is “Your left hand is what you know. Your right hand is who you are.” Since 2012, Martin has also partnered with Ace Hotel New York and expanded in 2013 to Ace Hotel Los Angeles for the 5 AT 5 Series, an intimate 5-song acoustic performance series by touring musicians.

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