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Martin Hosts the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum

Nazareth, PA - Nearly two hundred Martin enthusiasts made their sixth annual summer trek to the small borough of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They plan a weekend that is full of camaraderie and music making plus a visit and reception at the Martin factory.

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This year, there were Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum member sightings as early as Thursday, August 2nd and a group of fifty gathered at a local restaurant for dinner Friday evening. Several Martin employees were in attendance.

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Sunday August 5th - the second annual softball game between the UMGF "Vintage Toners" and the Martin "Dreadnoughts". Before the game, a moment of silence was offered for departed club member Dave Kaskeski. The event is held at the Nazareth Borough Park and I am glad to report that the trophy will remain in Nazareth for another year. Score 15-9.

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Monday August 6th - There were several events planned throughout the day for the UMGF members. The new Austin NAMM 2007 guitar models and select Custom Shop guitars were on display for everyone to enjoy. Club members were given a factory tour and Martin Customer Service and Repair held an informative Q & A session on guitar care and maintenance.

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A delicious lunch was served under the giant tent. Chris Martin addressed the Forum members on guitar issues, then fielded questions from the group. Chris's wife Diane and daughter Claire Frances were in attendance. All members who wanted their guitars signed by Chris were given the opportunity.

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As this day winds down, you realize the passion of this group. They are particularly well-informed, well-studied in anything Martin, and they are ferociously protective of their guitars and the 174-year-old company that makes them.

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