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Thanks to You Too, Willie

Release Date: 01/01/98
Source: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 4 - January 1998

Willie Nelson took the opportunity to sample one of the Limited Edition Jimmie Rodgers 000-45JR Brazilian rosewood models, which commemorates the 100th Birthday Anniversary of "The Singing Brakeman." This guitar, #2 in the edition, belongs to Jimmie Rodgers' cousin, Conrad "Sonny" Rodgers, who naturally takes tremendous pride in his guitar. He carries it with him just about everywhere he goes. This photo was taken at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Kerrville, Texas during the Jimmie Rodgers' festival last September. It is one of those rare moments when Willie is not holding his famous "Trigger" Martin guitar; the one with an "additional" soundhole. Recently, Willie joined a group of musicians who paid tribute to Jimmie Rodgers with a compendium album of Rodgers' tunes. Included are songs by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Allison Kraus, Dwight Yokum, David Gristman, Jerry Garcia and many more. Ironically, this was Jerry Garcia's final recording.

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