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2011 National Guitar Workshop


Because of C. F. Martin & Co.'s continuing sponsorship involvement, one employee is entitled to receive one week's tuition. Sam could not pass up the opportunity. He scheduled 7 days vacation time, hopped in his car and drove 181 miles-hours south to Maryland.

Having played guitar for 40 years, Sam considers himself an intermediate-level player. Understanding the requirement to choose a specialized curriculum for focused study, Sam chose to attend the Finger Style Mastery Class with Ed Gerhard a Grammy award winning Guitarist ( Sam says, "The information I received during the class was awesome, there are no books or DVD's were you can obtain the kind of information Ed shared with us. It will take a long time for me to incorporate some of this information into my guitar playing, although my playing show's great improvement already."

During the day Sam was immersed in core studies prepping him ultimately for an on-stage concert. Sam performed "Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison in front of 200 students and instructors. (Pictured) In addition, students also we encouraged to attend daily special interests clinics or watch performance from students or instructors. Sam did both and found them to also be informative.

The highlight of his experience, however, was meeting many wonderful people. Sam says, "There were many talented musicians at the school whom were all extremely helpful, everyone went out of the way to help or answer questions. I had so much fun and learned so much at the school. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this fantastic workshop."

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