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Exquisite taste, structural integrity and adherence to high Martin quality is standard in every Custom Martin guitar. Select from beautiful tone woods, special pearl and custom inlays, enhanced with trims, fine tuners and a perfect finish. Compose all this on your favorite guitar, and your dream can become a reality.

Your Custom Martin guitar, when ordered through a Martin dealer, will be crafted with impeccable care, attention to detail and will also include a limited lifetime warranty to you, the original owner.

Shapes and Sizes

Inside the Martin Custom Shop there are many different sizes and shapes from which to choose. All produce a different tone, some subtle and some dramatically different. Body size definitely makes a difference, so be sure to choose carefully.

Dreadnoughts are especially favored by rhythm players for their loud volume and pronounced bass. Smaller-bodied guitars, such as 0, 00, 000 and OM, produce a more balanced sound with an emphasis on treble and mid-range. These guitars are ideal for fingerpicking and single-note playing styles.

Tone Woods

With the body in mind, it's time to select the premium tone woods from the exotic to the traditional, each with its own unique character, color, figure, texture and tonal qualities. Like body sizes, woods have a distinct influence on sound, ranging from clear ringing trebles to warm bass and midrange to everything inbetween.

Martin's expertly-applied finishes not only protect wood and enhance sound but provide ways to visually customize your instrument. These finishes include sunburst, solid color and vintage "aged" lacquers.


Now that the body is complete, we can add to traditional woodworking with exclusive pearl artistry, delicate marquetry, multi-level bindings, custom pickguards and whatever you like. Working with some of the country's most skilled pearl artisans, we can execute the most complex inlays, resulting in designs that can be truly spectacular!


Finally, you need to decide the "right" playability. You need to choose the most comfortable neck that is easy to play in terms of action (height of the string above the fret), string tension and neck width. If you're accustomed to playing electric, you'll probably want low action on an acoustic. Same goes for lead players, either electric or acoustic. Acoustic rhythm players or slide players generally want higher action. Flatpickers and rhythm players prefer narrow necks. Fingerpickers, with their need for greater string spacing, prefer wide necks.

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