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Gene Autry D-45

Release Date: 01/01/94
Source: Press Release

"Singing Cowboy" Gene Autry's 60-plus years of contribution to American culture have been acknowledged in many ways over the years from hall of fame inductions to his five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His latest honor comes from the prestigious Martin Guitar Company located in Nazareth, Pa. The guitar manufacturer, known world-wide for the exceptional craftsmanship and superb quality of its fretted instruments, is producing a limited edition "Gene Autry D-45" guitar which replicates the first D-45 ever produced, an extraordinary guitar which was custom-made in 1933 by Martin Guitar for none other than Gene Autry.

Throughout his career, "The Singing Cowboy" could be seen playing his custom-made C.F. Martin D-45 guitar. The unique guitar was ornamented with his name in beautifully inlaid pearl script across the guitar's fingerboard which made the cowboy star instantly recognizable. Many musicians over the decades have attempted to copy the look and presence of this guitar going so far as having their own names inlaid into the fingerboards of similar guitars. But only the Martin Guitar Company itself can truly reproduce the spirit of the original vintage instrument.

The limited edition "Gene Autry D-45" captures most of the details of the original guitar. It is a 12-fret model hand-crafted in the old-world Martin tradition. Specially selected rare Brazilian rosewood has been used for the back and sides, and the finest ebony has been used for the fingerboard and bridge. A tortoise shell pickguard protects the sitka spruce top, and hundreds of exquisite, highly-colored pearl inlays ornament the instrument's top, sides, back and rosette. The guitar is available in its original style with Autry's name inlaid in pearl script across the guitar's fingerboard or with a small pearl script signature inlaid between the 18th and 19th frets. Each of the Gene Autry Commemorative D-45's carries a sequentially numbered label signed by Gene Autry and C. F. Martin, IV. 50 guitars will be produced for sale in the United States and 16 will be made for export.

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