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Vintage Car Enthusiasts Visit the Martin Guitar Factory

horseless07 1Nazareth, PA - Members of the Horseless Carriage Club of America - the Premier Brass-Era Touring Club - motored into the Martin factory parking lot culminating a 30-mile morning procession from nearby Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The 70 vehicles and their drivers were participating in the “Brass in Bucks County” – 6th Annual Brass Era National Tour and Flea Market May 20-24, 2007. All of the vehicles involved were manufactured before January 1, 1916, according to the mandate of the club charter, and today’s attendees appeared to be from throughout the nation. Part of the agenda of these touring events is to provide the members with journeys to pertinent cultural locations. They were here to visit the Martin Guitar Museum and take the factory tour.

True to the event name, there were plenty of polished brass parts showing on these treasured vehicles. Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Pierce Arrow, Ford, Fiat, Oldsmobile, Buick and REO were just some of the manufacturers represented (nearly 400 automobile manufacturers existed before the Depression). Some of the “carriages” present were in fact the last existing example of their kind. There were even steam-powered vehicles affectionately called “Steamers.” Some of the drivers and passengers were wearing period clothing and were very willing to share their passion for their cars with Martin employees.

These folks surely have an appreciation for simpler times, and they associate with the history and heritage at Martin Guitar. We were privileged to witness what is perhaps the largest collection of pre-1916 vehicles gathered in one place on the entire East Coast.

Thanks a lot, kindred spirits.

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