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Diane Ponzio: A Guitar with a Mission

Release Date: 07/23/99
Source: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 7 - July 1999

As a member of The Women and Music (WAM) Group at Martin Guitar, I’ve been a part of the excitement and inspiration that has sparked world-wide interest and discussions about women and guitar playing. The American popular music scene, often emulated by foreign markets, reflects the dominance of women singer-songwriters who are guitarists.

The first WAM guitar, premiered at the 1997 January NAMM Show, was the highly acclaimed 00-16DB, which was a major retail and media success. Subsequent guitars designed by the group featured a rosewood version (00-16DBR) and most recently, a mahogany cutaway (00C-16DB) . These instruments are elegant, yet simple, and shine in Martin’s hallmark featuresound! A small bodied profile (00) coupled with a Dreadnought depth (DB), slotted headstock, and a distinctive rosette and backstrip, now make these models instantly recognizable.

Today’s women, however, are faced with more serious problems than finding the right guitar. According to statistics from national organizations, 1 out of 8 American women will get breast cancer, and even more sobering is the fact that a woman in America dies of breast cancer every 11 minutes. Breast cancer ranks #2 as the major killer of women in America. And that is why Martin Guitar’s Women and Music Group felt it imperative to use our newest model, to not only raise awareness, but to raise money. The new WAM model, called the 00-16DBM, is an affordable powerhouse. It is all solid mahogany, 00 bodied with a Dreadnought depth, complete with WAM’s distinctive rosette, and slotted headstock. This is the first all mahogany instrument offered in its natural wood color (no stain) and with Martin’s famous and beautiful gloss lacquer finish. But the best part besides its good looks, playability, ergonomic comfort, great sound and affordability, is this a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these instruments will be donated to charities that are specifically committed to the elimination of breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening and treatment. In my sincere opinion, you can do no better for yourself, your sister, your daughter, your mother, or your friend, than to buy this angelic guitar with a mission.

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