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D-28 is Acoustic Guitar of the Year

Source: Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Presented by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, the prestigious Players' Choice Awards for 2008 were given to the companies with the most votes in each category.

PCA 2008

Player's Choice Award winners are voted by the people who are out there using the products and making music, not doled out by the editors or "experts in th field." This being the case, the awards go to product lines in most instances and not to individual products.

Each category consists of gold, silver and bronze award winners. C. F. Martin & Co. has won nine awards in the categories listed below, including the Martin D-28 acoustic guitar of the year.

D-28 - Gold ( Acoustic Guitar of the Year )
Dreadnoughts - Gold
Mid-Size Flattops - Gold
Small Bodies - Gold

Acoustic Electric - Silver
Jumbos - Silver

12 Strings - Bronze
Beginner's Steel Strings - Bronze

Steel Strings - Bronze

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