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Nazareth Celebrates "Martin on Main"

Nazareth, PA - The Borough of Nazareth joined together with the Nazareth Chamber of Commerce and the Nazareth Downtown Association to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of C. F. Martin & Company. Martin has been operating continuously in Nazareth since 1839.


Martin's Manager of Guest Relations, Sherri Hoff, knew there would be plenty of gifted musicians and singer/songwriters on hand the weekend of August 1-4 willing to share their talents for this event. Members of the Martin Owners Club (MOC) and the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum (UMGF) were in town for their annual events at the Martin factory.


A stage and sound system was set up in the town circle and local businesses and vendors provided food and services. UMGF president Mac Carter kept the talent flowing by supplying a long list of open mic performers. Martin clinician Richard Starkey and picker-extraordinaire Clay Hess were the musical headliners for the event. Once the brief lightning storms passed, the Martin Band took the stage and their musical performance marked the close of the day's festivities.


Reception was very positive and attendance was estimated at 5,000-8,000 throughout the course of the day. Plans are already being discussed for a repeat event. Thank you to the Nazareth community and to all the club and forum members who performed throughout the day.


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