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Origins Dreadnought

origins110Source: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 28 - Jan. 2010

This unique X Series Dreadnought pays homage to the heart and soul ofthe Martin company – the skilled craftspersons who meticulously build theworld-famous Martin guitars. You may recognize some of them if you haveever taken our factory tour. They are: Gregory Dillard (top left – band sawingneck billets), Susan Cummings (center left – rosetting, hands only), Joel Toth(center left – neck shaping), Larry Fehnel (bottom left – side bending), JoeSilvius (top right – resawing mahogany sides), George Savercool (centerright – color matching rosewood backs and sides), Karen Kuntzman (bottomright – joining backs). Their combined experience totals over 118 years.Below the bridge, the facade of the new Martin Museum & Visitor’s Center isdepicted. The artwork, created by Chris Martin’s cousin and artistextraordinaire, Robert Goetzl, is carefully imbedded into the HPL material ofthe guitar top, closely replicating Goetzl’s original hand-painted watercolor.

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