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Another Elvis Sighting In The Building!

Release Date: 01/15/09
Source: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 26 - January 2009
LX Elvis Presley

Introducing The Very Cool and Affordable LX Elvis Presley® Edition

Just when you’d thought you’d seen the last Elvis Presley model from Martin, look what magically appears!

The LX Elvis Presley is a smaller, modified “0” style version of Martin’s highly successful D-28 Elvis Presley CVR, issued on the 30th Anniversary of the King’s passing. The top, constructed with HPL (high pressure laminate) material, features a leather-like guitar cover graphic in “Hi Wear Suede” finish, a facsimile of Elvis’ custom handtooled leather cover with artwork by leather artist Charles Underwood.

Back and sides are also constructed of durable yet resonant HPL material with a textured leather-like black patterned finish. The combination of an HPL “0” size body, with the unique Little Martin top bracing system, mahogany ribbons and Sitka spruce back braces, produces tones of extraordinary warmth, clarity and volume. It’s a miniature Martin size guitar that sounds amazingly like a D-28.

The two-way adjustable, 14-fret neck is crafted of natural Stratabond® wood laminate, with a low oval profile for easy playing. A small Elvis silhouette and the King’s signature adorn the headplate. Black Micarta™ fingerboard and belly bridge, white Corian™ saddle and nut, and chrome enclosed tuning machines add the right touch of Martin elegance and classic simplicity.

Limited to no more than 1000 instruments, each guitar comes with an LXM padded gig bag, and will carry a special Elvis paper label with serial number, patent number and sequence number.

The LX Elvis Presley is sure to strike a chord (an “E” no doubt, one of Elvis’ favorites) among guitar players, collectors and Elvis fans. Three decades after his death, Elvis Presley’s popularity remains unprecedented – and fervent – worldwide.

We at Martin have always appreciated that Elvis chose to play Martin guitars throughout his career, beginning with a 1942 D-18 (which he played on his legendary Sun sessions), a 1955 D-28, a mid-70s D-35, a D-76 Bicentennial limited edition, and a mid-70s D-28 that he played at his last concert performance in June of 1977.

Always generous to his fans, Elvis actually gave away his D-35 to a fan in the audience at a St. Petersburg, Florida concert in early 1977. Supposedly, Elvis dropped the guitar during his performance, cracking its side. The fan yelled, “Give me your guitar, Elvis!!” – and he did. Thank you Elvis for all the music – and all the memories.

”Thank you very much !”

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