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Frequently Asked Questions: Service and Repair

Service and Repair


Could I speak to the repair person working on my guitar?

In the event the authorized repair center is unable to make necessary repairs and your instrument is returned to our facility in Nazareth, PA, it would not be feasible to speak to the repair technician. In most instances, your guitar will be handled by a number of qualified and talented repair technicians. Your inquiry should be directed to the Consumer Customer Service Department of the company.

How do I proceed if my guitar needs repair?

We request you contact an Authorized Warranty repair person in your area to have the guitar evaluated for repair. You will find the listing of our Authorized Repair Centers on this web site. The repair centers will be able to assist you in having your guitar evaluated and repaired.

Does the factory perform warranty and non-warranty repairs?

Yes. We do perform warranty and non-warranty repairs on Martin instruments at the factory. If you are interested in having repair work done at our factory, please contact our Customer Service Department for details. You may also bring your Martin instrument to the factory for repair evaluation, please contact our Repair Department for details.

Do you work on other manufacturers' guitars?

No, we only work on Martin brand instruments.

What happens if I just decide to send my guitar into the manufacturing facility anyway?

A Return Authorization number is needed in order to return an instrument to our manufacturing facility. Any instrument received at our facility without an appropriate Return Authorization number will be refused by our shipping and receiving department.

How will you notify me once you receive my guitar for warranty or non-warranty repairs?

We will mail you a repair quotation that lists both warranty repairs and recommended non-warranty repairs. It is not necessary to purchase non-warranty work to avail yourself of warranty service. A signed copy of the quote is required within 30 days to begin any warranty or non-warranty work. An estimated timeframe for completion will also be stated on the quote.

What happens if I do not mail my signed quotation within the 30 day time period?

If we do not receive any instructions after the 30 day time period, we will attempt to contact you via telephone and/or certified letter. If we have not received any instructions after 60 days, the guitar will be returned to the customer or dealer freight collect.

How do I determine when my Martin guitar was made?

A Martin guitar will have the model designation and the serial number etched inside the instrument on the neck block. Use the serial number and the chart on our website to determine the year the guitar was manufactured. 

Where can I find my serial number?

A Martin Guitar will have the model designation and the serial number etched on the neck block. To access this information, look in the soundhole of the guitar and look toward the neck.

I can’t find my truss rod

Guitars built after 2006 have a two way truss rod. The two-way rod does not protrude and is not visible. To reach the two-way adjustable rod nut, use a 5 mm Allen wrench that has a bent leg that is 4 ½” long.

How do I find the specifications for my particular Martin Guitar/What strings are on my guitar?

Please visit our website to find the complete model specifications, including the recommended strings you can use the search box at the top right-hand corner of the page. Be sure to type the model in exactly as it is printed inside the guitar (i.e. "HD-28")

Why do I need to register my new Martin guitar? How do I register my Martin guitar?

Registration is necessary to obtain the Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original owner only.  Registration can also be completed by filling out and sending the warranty registration application that should be in the case pocket along with the booklet “Care and Feeding.”

Can the warranty on a Martin guitar be transferred to another owner?

No, the Limited Lifetime warranty is valid to the original, registered owner who purchased the guitar through an authorized Martin dealer only. It cannot be transferred.

How do I know if I am registered for my guitar?

If you registered the guitar, we would have sent a wallet sized owner’s card with your name and guitar serial number. If you do not have that, contact Customer Service (610- 759-2837) with your serial number.

How do I order a custom guitar?

As we do not sell direct to the public (we sell through dealers and distributors) Pleasework with your Martin dealer to create your custom quote. You can find our dealer locator at this link.

What do I do if my guitar needs repairs?

You will have two options: (1) Send the guitar to the Martin factory for the repair (please contact Customer Service at 610-759-2837 to obtain a Return Authorization number and packing/shipping instructions. Do not ship the guitar without the Return Authorization number. (2) Take the guitar to a local Martin authorized repair center

What is my Martin guitar worth?

We would ask that you contact an independent appraiser for the current value of your guitar or refer to the "Blue Book of Guitars". Many factors are taken into consideration when appraising an instrument, such as the model, woods used in construction, and original condition. As a manufacturer of new instruments, we do not follow the used market, so we are unable to evaluate or appraise our guitars on the current market.

When can I expect my guitar to arrive?

Please contact your Martin dealer to inquire about the delivery of your new Martin guitar.

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