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The Sound of Music Is Still Resounding<br>for Elizabeth Von Trapp

Release Date: 01/01/98
Source: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 4 - January 1998

Elizabeth Von Trapp is the granddaughter of the legendary Baroness Maria Von Trapp. Her father, Werner Van Trapp, was depicted as "Kurt" in the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music" about the family's courageous flight from occupied Austria during the rise of the Third Reich. Elizabeth's family grew up on a back road dairy farm in Vermont. Their story, popularized by the Broadway play starring Marty Martin and the subsequent movie featuring Julie Andrews, had a tremendous impact on the entire family. Elizabeth grew up with music surrounding her and she was naturally gifted with a beautiful voice. Early on, she learned to accompany herself on guitar. She performs a broad range of music (from Edelweiss to Kinks) in an equally broad range of locations (from Grand Central Station to Fenway Park). Elizabeth loves her J-40. When she went to purchase an acoustic guitar, she took a blindfold and had her husband hand her different instruments. She listened to dozens of guitars, but she picked her Martin J-40 out of the pack as the one with the most spectacular resonance and clarity. Look for her two CD's: Wishful Thinking and One Heart, One Mind. She has certainly drawn inspiration from the "old" music in evolving her unique and contemporary folk music style.

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