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Hanson Guitarist RAVI Finds his own Path

raviSource: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 8 - February 2000

Throughout 1997, Ravi played guitar for that year's top-selling band in the world, Hanson. They performed the platinum, #1 hit single, "Mmmbop," and other cuts from their multi-platinum albums including "Middle Of Nowhere," which sold more than fifteen million CDs worldwide. Hanson performed in the world's most prestigious venues with crowds often exceeding 30,000 screaming fans.

In 1998, Ravi released his first solo CD entitled simply "Ravi." In 1999, "Dancin' with Hanson," Ravi’s best selling autobiographical account about his year on the road with Hanson, was released concurrently with his second critically acclaimed solo CD, "Beyond The Blur." Having returned from a worldwide book signing tour, Ravi is extremely active with an impressive lineup of recording studio collaborations and with his ongoing performances, writings, and teaching projects. Check out his website at:

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