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Navojoa Plant Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Employees at C. F. Martin's facility in Navojoa, Mexico, proudly celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the plant's operation with a special dinner banquet in March of 2004.

The Navojoa facility was initiated in 1989 as a maquiladora collaboration and partnership with The MoMex Corporation of St. Louis and the Bours family of Navojoa to supplement string manufacturing with the production of the Darco string line. Since then the operation has expanded to undertake the manufacture of Martin and Darco strings, the new LXM "Little Martin" guitars, and the SO and HSO ukuleles, as well as the popular Backpacker guitar and mandolin models.

The plant, located close to Mexico's west coast about 350 miles south of the US border, employs nearly 200 enthusiastic coworkers. Their efforts have enabled many price competitive products to come to the marketplace that would most likely not exist with higher US manufacturing rates. The establishment of the Navojoa facility has not resulted in the sacrifice of any US jobs.

C. F. Martin & Co. is extremely proud of the significant contributions made by our Navojoa coworkers. The dedication and commitment of this "family" of people has helped to maintain Martin's longstanding and deserved position as the leader in its field. Martin holds the coveted position of being the largest maker of quality acoustic guitars in the United States, the oldest (171 years), the most revered maker of musical instruments in the world, and a sixth generation family-operated business with unprecedented longevity and strength.


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