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Understanding the Martin Line

The initial letter(s) usually stand for the body size/type. 
D = Dreadnought
J = Jumbo
M or 0000 = Grand Auditorium
000 = Auditorium
OM = Orchestra
00 = 00
B = Acoustic Bass
5 = Size 5 Terz

Other style options include:
C = Cutaway
12 = Twelve-string
H = Herringbone
HP = Herringbone pearl
V = Vintage
Note: Hyphen (-) separates size prefix from style prefix.

The number after the letter designates the ornamentation or series styling. 
The higher that number, the fancier the guitar.
Ornamentation styles of our Standard & Vintage Series models:
Other styles run:

Special Features
The letter after the number denotes a special feature.
S = 12-fret neck to body juncture
GT = Gloss top
N = Nylon strings (Classical)
E = Electronics

Other special features:
A = Thin body
DB = Deep body
LS = Large soundhole 

Additional Information on Size/Types


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