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Guitar Center Product Specialist Visit

gcenterSixteen Guitar Center Product Specialists from throughout the United States visited the Martin Factory October 4 and 5, 2006, for two days of instruction, tours and exchange. The Product Specialists have the challenging role of keeping their sales force informed and trained on each product in their inventory. Most of the attendees have never been to the factory, and District Sales Managers Craig Yamek and Dave Evans were intent on providing them with an exceptional Martin experience.

Artist Relations Director Dick Boak took the group on a sightseeing trip to the original Cherry Hill home and brief tour of the North Street homestead and original Martin factory. Chris Martin then offered his unique perspective of his family’s business while touring the new Martin Museum and Visitors Center.

Martin Custom Shop, Quality Assurance and Sales and Marketing representatives all added insight into the guitar building process, and the Product Specialists were impressed with the teamwork and efficiency displayed throughout the plant. They also commented positively on the balance of new world technology with genuine old world craftsmanship.

Martin Guitar is grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with professionals who are directly responsible for the way our guitars and strings are represented on the sales floor. It was a pleasure to have them here.

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