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We are currently accepting applications for a limited number of 2nd shift production positions. Experience operating wood working machinery, hand tools, close attention to detail and guitar playing skills, would be a plus.

Competitive wages, profit sharing, medical benefits and 401(k).

Highly motivated, enthusiastic, and self- starting candidates should send a resume.

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C.F. Martin & Co., Inc.
Founded in 1833, C. F. Martin is a six-generation family-owned company and the world’s oldest maker of guitars.  Leveraging a unique combination of a hand-crafted tradition and modern manufacturing disciplines, Martin & Co. enjoy an unsurpassed reputation for excellence.  Its instruments and strings are sought after by Grammy Award winners, discerning amateurs, and collectors alike.  The company produces instruments accessible to musicians for under $1,000, as well as limited edition instruments valued in excess of $100,000.

The current Chairman and CEO Chris Martin IV assumed leadership of the company in 1986.  Since that time the Company has grown significantly while maintaining a commitment to the highest level of quality.  Surpassing the company’s commitment to quality is the Company’s commitment to the employees and the rich culture that has developed over the 187+ years.

The position is based at the Company headquarters in Nazareth, PA

The President/CEO reports directly to the newly created Executive Chairman role and manages a total staff of six direct reports who represent the remainder of the organization’s employees.

The President/CEO will direct a diverse organization providing leadership for the Company working closely with the Executive Chairman on strategic direction.  The President/CEO is ultimately responsible for translating the strategy and managing all of the Company’s day-to-day activities.   

The President/CEO will take an active role in all areas of the Company including: Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Finance, Human Resources, Business Development, Customer Service, and Community Relations.  Direct reports to this position include the Chief Financial Officer, VP Product Management, Vice President Human Resources, In-House Legal Counsel/Corporation’s Secretary, Vice President Global Manufacturing/ Operations, and Vice President Global Marketing/Sales.


  • Planning
    • Develop and create the 1 to 3-year strategic plan for the organization in conjunction with the Executive Chairman and the Board of Directors
    • Translate strategic plans into annual operating plans that then drive immediate actions and measures of operational excellence
    • Collaborate with the Board and Executive Chairman along with the Executive Leadership Team to define and articulate the organization’s vision which will be used to inspire the associates as they commit to their daily activities
    • Develop measurements and monitor performance to ensure long-term financial viability of the organization and the achievement of the operational and strategic goals
  • Leadership and Management
    • Oversee and lead the Executive Leadership Team as they work to deliver positive results from the day-to-day operations
    • Promote a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity
    • Maintains a visible presence to the organization and collects first-hand knowledge of the health of the operations through use of “Management by Walking Around” techniques while not usurping shop floor management efforts
    • Oversees the Operations of the organization and manages its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
    • Ensures that the organization’s leadership has sufficient and up-to-date information to operate and make sound decisions
    • Develop future leadership for the organization and monitor all staff performance on a regular basis
    • Abide by specific internally established control systems and authorities, to lead by personal example and encourage all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the Company’s standards and policies, including environmental, safety and health policies
  • Financial Responsibility
    • Full P&L accountability
    • Working with the CFO to manage development of annual budgets that support operating plans and submit budgets for the Board and Executive Chairman’s approval
    • Prudently manage the organization’s resources within budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations
    • Provide prompt, thorough, and accurate information to keep the Boards and the Executive Chairman appropriately informed of the organization’s financial position with enough time to react to circumstances without causing harm to the organization
  • Marketing and Sales
    • Oversee and actively participate in the development and implementation of marketing and sales plans to support the organization’s goals including a robust ecommerce, social media, and distribution platform
    • Actively participate and understand consumer insights and analytics especially digital information which drive effective marketing and sales activities
    • Make yourself available to attend marketing events and industry shows to keep abreast of the latest trends in the marketplace
  • Manufacturing and Operations
    • Provide oversight and direction as needed to ensure the highest quality products are produced
    • Drive measured innovation to ensure that the greatest efficiency and quality can be achieved while taking advantage of innovative techniques that raise the bar on production capabilities
    • Collect and analyze production information that measures the success of the organization’s effort; refine or work to make changes in response to that information
    • Stay abreast of current trends related to the organization’s products and anticipate future trends likely to have an impact with a strong emphasis on innovative research and development activities
  • Community Relations
    • Assure that the organization and its mission, programs, and services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant external stakeholders
    • Actively advocate for the organization and its long established values and philosophies
    • Become very involved in charitable organizations; create programs to continually advance charity within the community
    • Act as a liaison between the organization and the community’ building relationships with peer organizations when appropriate

The ideal finalists will have executive level experience with a proven track record of accomplishment. The initial expectation will be for the successful candidate to first learn the business, culture, managerial values, and then lead the overall organization going forward.  A combination of the following specific experience is strongly preferred:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Business Administration (required)
  • Strong leadership qualities, presentation skills and the ability to translate vision into action and the ability to lead the organization to higher levels of performance
  • 15 to 20 years progressively responsible, successful experience in general management, including eight or more years in a senior management capacity with a preference given to current experience reporting directly to a Board of Directors
  • Proven track record of delivering desired financial results while growing a business
  • Experience in a small to mid-size company ($100 Million+) including experience in more than one company/industry very desirable
  • Experience working in a family owned or managed business desirable
  • International multi-site manufacturing operations experience
  • Proven leadership experience where company culture provides a strategic advantage
  • Strong ability to connect with people at all levels of the organization
  • Experience in business to consumer manufacturing environment a plus, with an emphasis on high quality/high value products that enjoy a strong brand identity
  • Dynamic leader with a good eye for talent and building the organization’s bench strength
  • Experience in effectively representing and interfacing with the following divergent groups of key stakeholders: Board of Directors, Financial Firms, Key Customers, Suppliers, State, Local and Community Organizations
  • Strong desire to listen and learn
  • A true generalist with a balance between brand marketing, sales, and manufacturing
  • Connects personally with the power and value of music in the lives of people

The ideal President/CEO will be someone who:

  • Is relationship-oriented and able to establish trust, credibility and a direct, compelling, comfortable working relationship with owners, including being able to support and advise owners while continuing to enhance their understanding of the company’s performance
  • Is comfortable with and has an appreciation for building trust and working in an “apolitical” environment with a good sense of humor
  • Is approachable, with consensus building style, with specific accomplishments in increasing levels of collaboration, cross learning and open-door communication
  • Has earned a reputation for strong Emotional Intelligence and has an ability to engaging in healthy debate, always in a way that upholds mutual respect among team members. Ability to coach staff to do the same
  • An energetic/charismatic, forward-thinking, and creative individual with high ethical standards and an appropriate professional image who can share the “celebrity limelight.”
  • Understand, appreciate, and respect both the owners’ and the company’s decision-making criteria around people, profits, community, excellence and the 187+ year history and reputation of the company. View this article or this video introducing Martin’s latest guitar demonstrating Martin’s commitment to innovation.
  • To gain an understanding of C. F. Martin’s Community Relations commitment please see this page to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A package including base salary, Officer bonus, profit sharing, 401K, SERP, health care and other benefits will be crafted to attract the best finalist.

Interested candidates and sources are encouraged to engage in a confidential dialog with the company’s exclusive executive search provider:


Scott Lyons
Senior Vice President

Roger Thorne
Managing Partner

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