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Green Idea Index

One of the core values of our Mission Statement is to honor and protect the environment. Below is an ongoing and evolving list of what we call our Green Idea Index. This ever-growing list is our record of sustainable projects implemented not only at our facilities in North America but around the world.

Green Idea Number Location Title Description
1 Nazareth, PA, USA Chiller plant Upgraded aging distributed HVAC Systems with a state of the art Central Hot/Chilled Water Plant.
2 Nazareth, PA, USA Repurposed wood bin Scrap wood is discarded in a bin behind the facility for employees use in fireplaces or personal projects.
3 Nazareth, PA, USA Hybrid vehicles When ever available, Martin purchases hybrid vehicles for all company purposes.
4 Nazareth, PA, USA Passive preheat for curing room Passive heat exchanger takes heat from exhaust air to pre-heat fresh air makeup.
5 Nazareth, PA, USA Waterfill station Discontinued sale of plastic water bottles in Visitor Center and added drinking fountain with reusable bottle refill.
6 Nazareth, PA, USA Heated sidewalk for winter Heated sidewalks in front of the building reduces need for sidewalk salting in winter.
7 Nazareth, PA, USA Solar panels Solar panels were installed on the roof to minimize power usage.
8 Nazareth, PA, USA Organic 1833 Shop clothing Focus on organic, recycled and sustainable materials for 1833 Shop products as much as possible.
9 Nazareth, PA, USA Reclaimed wood Scrap wood used for shop signage and décor.
10 Nazareth, PA, USA Butterfly garden A pollinator garden of native plants and wildflowers was planted outside the facility to attract and support local pollinators including bees, butterflies and birds.
11 Nazareth, PA, USA Electronic filing & emailed receipts When ever possible Martin forgoes paper copies of documents in favor of electronic paperwork.
12 Nazareth, PA, USA Return air on dust collectors Temperature and humidity controlled air is filtered by dust collectors and returned to the manufacturing space so we don't have to make up excessive amounts of fresh air in the manufacturing environment.
13 Nazareth, PA, USA Wood pellets made in to electricity Dust Collectors for the Sawmill and Parts Manufacturing make briquettes.  As part of our landfill diversion efforts, these briquettes are hauled to a local cogeneration facility and burned as fuel for electricity generation.
14 Nazareth, PA, USA FSC Richlite for bridges and fingerboards Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Richlite, a paper and resin alternative to wood, is used where ever possible for bridges and fingerboards.
15 Nazareth, PA, USA LED lighting Energy efficient LED lighting is installed throughout the facility.
16 Nazareth, PA, USA Motion sensor lighting Motion sensor lighting through out the building minimizes wasted electricity when areas are not in use.
17 Nazareth, PA, USA K-Cup recycling Martin participates in Keurig's Grounds to Grow On program. A program which places K-Cup recycling bins at each coffee station throughout the facility and picks up the spent K-Cups to be disassembled, composted and recycled.
18 Nazareth, PA, USA Food container recycling Mixed stream recycling is implemented in the employee cafeteria.
19 Nazareth, PA, USA Paper, magazine, metal and cardboard recycling Martin fully participates in all available paper, magazine, metal and cardboard recycling programs.
20 Nazareth, PA, USA Hand dryers in restrooms Hand dryers replaced paper towel dispensers in restrooms through out the facility to minimize waste.
21 Nazareth, PA, USA FSC lumber for bodies and necks Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber is used where ever possible for guitar bodies and necks.
22 Nazareth, PA, USA Wood Scrap Wood Scrap from the Sawmill and Parts Manufacturing that is not fit for the employee wood bin is hauled to a local business and turned into mulch. This represents another key component of our landfill diversion strategy.
23 Nazareth, PA, USA Nature Conservancy partnership Promote awareness and combat of elephant poaching for ivory
24 Nazareth, PA, USA Reverb partnership Lowers carbon footprint of touring bands, promotes FSC guitars and installs water fill stations at music festivals.
25 Nazareth, PA, USA Rainforest Alliance partnership Promotes awareness of Martin's use of FSC certified materials and models.
26 Nazareth, PA, USA Clean Cruiser partnership Branding awareness partnership to promote biodeisel vehicle and tree planting.
27 Navojoa, Mexico Saw dust bricks Wood waste used by local brick makers.
28 Navojoa, Mexico Painted roof Saves energy by deflecting heat in the summer.
29 Nazareth, PA, USA B Corp certification Martin becomes the first musical instrument manufacture to achieve B Corp certification
30 Hawaii Tree Reforestation Planting of thousands of koa saplings
31 Nicaragua Tree Reforestation Planting of thousands of mahogany saplings
32 Pennsylvania, USA Tree Reforestation Partner with Wildlands Conservation on reforestation of maple saplings
33 Costa Rica Tree Reforestation Planting of 1,200 mahogany, cocobolo and mango saplings
34 India Dalbergia latifolia (East Indian rosewood) Study Support study that will lead to non-detriment finding and allow India to participate in the CITES permitting regime. 
35 United States Strings Recycling Partner with D'Addario in support of the Playback strings recycling program.
36 Nazareth, PA, USA Sustainable Wood Content Over 80% of our instruments are made from products containing at least 75% sustainably harvested wood.
37 Navojoa, Mexico Body Wood Alternatives Incorporate HPL into our X and LX product lines, greatly reducing our consumption of mahogany and rosewood.
38 Navojoa, Mexico Neck Wood Alternative Manufacture necks from laminate Birch, a U.S. grown species subject to regular replanting/reforestation, rather than mahoganies. 
39 Nazareth, PA, USA Wood Summit Bi-Annual summit bringing together wood vendors, NGOs and governmental regulators to discuss various issues including sustainability.
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