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Martin Custom Guitar Workshop

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Inside the Martin Custom Shop there are many different sizes and shapes from which to choose. All produce a different tone, some subtle and some dramatically different. Body size definitely makes a difference, so be sure to choose carefully.

  • Dreadnoughts - favired by rhythm players
  • Smaller guitars (0,00,000 and OM) - fingerpicking & single-note



Acoustic Tone Woods

With the body in mind, it's time to select the premium tone woods from the exotic to the traditional, each with its own unique character, color, figure, texture and tonal qualities. Like body sizes, woods have a distinct influence on sound, ranging from clear ringing trebles to warm bass and midrange to everything inbetween.

  • Rosewoods
  • Mahogany
  • Maple

For a full list of the tonal woods available see our guitar wood chart

Custom Guitar Inlays

Now that the body is complete, we can add to traditional woodworking with exclusive pearl artistry to any part of your custom guitar:

  • Top & Headplate Inlays
  • Fingerboard & Pickguard Inlays
  • Bridge, Sideneck & Back Inlays

Visit the custom guitar builder for some great examples



Custom Guitar Necks

Finally, you need to decide the "right" playability. You need to choose the most comfortable neck that is easy to play in terms of action (height of the string above the fret), string tension and neck width.

  • accustomed to playing electric, lead players - low action
  • acoustic rhythm players, slide players - high action
  • flatpickers, rhythm players - narrow necks
  • fingerpickers - wide necks
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