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The Evolution of the American Guitar


19 August 2013 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Steve Howe Cross Styles Music Retreat @ 12 Valley View Road, Big Indian, NY 12410, USA

The Evolution of the American Guitar

Over the course of the four days, Steve Howe (legendary guitarist from “YES” and “ASIA”) will present workshops that explore the development and technical aspects around his playing. The workshops will also cover writing, recording, performing, and business & lifestyle in which he will perform selected pieces, discuss influences, experiences, and playing techniques. To complement the event, he will be supported by two other fine guitarists. Ray Matuza and Flavio Sala, who will provide in depth advice and analysis – each with their own style to explore and learn from.

Dick Boak of C. F. Martin & Co. will be joining Steve for a presentation on “The Evolution of the American Guitar.” As archivist for Martin Guitar, Dick will offer an interactive history of the 180-year-old guitar company, as well as showcase several priceless examples from the Martin Museum collection. Featuring musical vignettes by Steve Howe, the presentation will focus on Martin’s colorful history, the development of the modern acoustic guitar, Martin’s historical contributions to the definitive acoustic guitar designs, artist signature model collaborations (including two guitar editions with Steve Howe), and on specific guitar shapes, sizes and tonewoods that lend themselves to particular musical genres.

Phone: 845-254-8009

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