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NAZARETH, PA - C.F. Martin & Co. was audited today by Lead Auditor Samantha St. Pierre and Witness Auditor Gweneth Langdon - Staff Auditors of the Rainforest Alliance, SmartWood Program. C.F. Martin & Co. is audited annually, plus reassessed every five years, to evaluate conformance to the relevant FSC Chain-of-Custody Standards, and has been FSC Chain-of Custody certified from 1997 to 2004 and 2007 to present. Many workers across all functional areas are involved in maintaining the Company's conformance with FSC standards.

The auditors performed walk-throughs of the Nazareth manufacturing facility, Print Shop and newly opened Distribution Center in Forks Township, Pennsylvania. A variety of C.F. Martin & Co. workers were interviewed during this process. In addition to the walk-throughs a comprehensive review of the Company's FSC Chain-of-Custody supplier lists, annual volume summaries, product group schedules, documented control systems, training documents, FSC trademark use approvals and Occupational Health and Safety records was conducted.

"It was great to see such organization on the shop floor, and the fact that your facility is open to the public is impressive," said Witness Auditor Gweneth Langdon at the conclusion of the audit. "It was refreshing to see the level of commitment to adherence of the current FSC standards. During the audit today it was apparent that everyone is committed to the organization's responsible sourcing practices." A detailed report of the audit will be issued to C.F. Martin & Co. in approximately two weeks.

About Martin Guitar & Martin Strings C.F Martin & Co. ( has been creating the finest instruments in the world for over 175 years. It continues to innovate, introducing techniques and features that have become industry standards including X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar and the "Dreadnought" size.

One of the world's leading acoustic instrument makers, Martin guitars are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and women, who use a combination of new design and techniques along with those introduced by the company founder.

The company is also known for producing high-quality, popular acoustic guitar strings. These include the Martin SP® LIFESPAN™ line - the fastest-growing treated string in the industry, and the Martin SP line - which uses an industry leading core wire to hold tunings better.

Martin guitars and Martin Strings are the instruments and strings of choice for musicians around the world, from the icons of rock, country, folk and bluegrass to those just beginning their careers. They can be seen across all segments of pop culture, from television (Glee, Psych, Raising Hope and American Idol) to the movies; on Broadway and in books, online, and gracing the covers of popular magazines on newsstands everywhere. Connect with Martin and Martin Strings on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and via and

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DKC for Martin Guitar
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Amani Duncan
Director, Promotional Marketing
C. F. Martin & Co.
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