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The Martin LX Realtree® Perfect For the Great Outdoors

realtreeSource: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 19 - Jul. 2005

This Special Edition LX Realtree model is sporting the extremely popular Realtree Hardwoods HD™ camouflage pattern incorporated into a custom high-pressure laminate that is used to construct the body and headplate of this Little Martin guitar. As the name suggests, the pattern (developed by Bill Jordan) is designed to mimic the look of the real outdoors. Bill spent many hours developing and perfecting the surprisingly realistic camouflage pattern. Realtree's proprietary High Definition™ printing process brings this pattern to life.

The camouflage pattern appears on the headplate, top, back and sides. Using custom high-pressure laminate for all of these parts is a first for Martin. The Gotoh tuning gears and strap button are finished in Cosmo Black, which complements the Realtree Hardwoods theme. A natural colored Stratabond neck adds strength to the design.

This guitar will appeal to anyone interested in the outdoors and sport hunting. What a fun piece of gear to own as a long day of trekking in the woods draws to an end and you relax by the campfire playing this guitar. High-pressure laminate makes the guitar very durable and scratch resistant, and the smaller size makes it ideal for young guitarists or for travel.

Each instrument is furnished with a custom made Realtree patterned backpack-style gig bag, complete with an embroidered "hunter's orange" C. F. Martin & Co. logo, that will help you blend into the natural environment while traveling from home to the woods or back again!

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