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2nd Annual Martin Owners Club Event


Club members also enjoyed the camaraderie with like-minded individuals who share the same passion, the “meet and greet” with Chris Martin and the Martin employees. Factory tours were given all day long and the new Martin Guitar Museum was filled with engaged guitar aficionados. Our most recent and highly coveted additions to the museum, pre-war D-45 and F-9, were proudly displayed.

A large picking area gave members a chance to see and play the company’s latest creations. Displayed outside the gift shop were seven one-of-a-kind guitars slated for the summer NAMM show in Austin, including one painted by “FeLiX the Cat” artist Don Oriolo.

A comprehensive guitar care clinic was given by the Repair and Customer Service departments. Director of Instrument Design, Tim Teel spoke on the future of guitar construction aided by Wood Sourcing Specialist, Linda Davis-Wallen. Several of Martin’s collaborative luthiers and artists, Dale Unger, Matt Artinger and Peter Cree, were in attendance and offered their insight into guitar building. Holly Jolly the Clown entertained young and old alike with her ability to craft balloon creatures and musical therapist Amy Germick engaged a group of younger children with song, guitar playing and drum circle activities. Director of Artist Relations Dick Boak held a book signing.

Chris Martin addressed the Club members during a delicious picnic lunch, under the main tent with a backdrop of beautiful weather. Musicians and stages were scattered throughout the campus and members were encouraged to perform on the main stage area in an open mic setting.

We hope you had the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the day’s activities and programs and our beautiful facility that “showcases” it all so well. If you are a member and weren’t able to attend or haven’t joined the Martin Owners Club yet, we encourage you to do so and look forward to seeing you next year.

We want to thank each and every club member and guest for coming to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

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