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00-18SH Signature Edition Pays Tribute<br>to YES Guitarist Steve Howe

Release Date: 01/01/99
Source: Sounding Board Newsletter Vol 6 - January 1999
00-18SH (Steve Howe)

Renowned YES and ASIA guitarist Steve Howe first noticed a Martin guitar when his attention was drawn to a leather-enshrouded Dreadnought on the cover of an Elvis Presley album. Howe soon noticed many other musicians he admired (Lonnie Donegan and Paul Simon among them) playing Martins and, as soon as he was able to afford one, Howe purchased his first Martin, a 1953 00-18 model with a tortoise colored pickguard. This guitar, long cherished by Steve, has been used in live performances and in the recording of many legendary YES acoustic tracks. Since that time, Howe has become an avid collector of acoustic guitars, and he has even published his own book, "The Steve Howe Guitar Collection." Among his arsenal of Martin instruments are additional 00-18 models, a SOM-45, a number of ukuleles, a Style C mandolin and a rare 0-28 dating back to the post Civil War era.

In appreciation of Steve Howe's loyalty to Martin instruments and his significant contribution to the advancement of guitar music, C. F. Martin & Co. is proud to announce the 00-18SH Steve Howe Signature Edition.

Designed with features drawn from Steve Howe's 00-18, and embellished with characteristics selected from standard, vintage and Golden Era guitars, the 00-18SH edition will be limited to a maximum of 250 instruments.

The soundboard of the 00-18SH is carefully crafted of Engelmann Spruce, common to many Martin instruments built in 1953. The top bracing is 1/4" width and delicately hand scalloped to achieve optimum tone. The back, sides and neck are of solid genuine mahogany.

The rosette is inlaid in the old style with thin black inner and outer rings. The body is trimmed with tortoise colored bindings and inlaid with traditional Style 18 black/white/black/white/black. A tortoise colored pickguard, beveled and polished to achieve an under-the-finish appearance, adorns the soundboard.

An unbound genuine ebony fingerboard is inlaid with vintage style 18 abalone position dots. Steve Howe's signature is delicately inlaid between the 18th and 20th frets. The bridge, also sculpted from genuine ebony, is fitted with a vintage long or "through" saddle of genuine bone. The headstock is squared and tapered in the old style with a genuine bone nut. Nickel-plated replicas of the original Kluson "oil-hole" tuners complete the authenticity of the neck.

The soundboard is tinted with golden "vintage toner," and the lacquered body is polished to a high gloss. The interior label will be individually numbered in sequence and personally signed by Steve Howe and Martin CEO C. F. Martin IV.

A charitable contribution of $66.38 (on export sales) or $73.75 (on US sales) for each 00-18SH sold will be donated to the Save the Children Federation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making lasting, positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children in the United States and throughout the world.

Martin dealers will begin to take orders for the 00-18SH Signature Edition immediately, though, due to heavy demand for Martin instruments, this edition will not begin to appear in stores until the summer of 1999.

Johnny Cash Limited Edition<br>Signature Guitar Unveiled

Release Date: 07/29/97
Source: Press Release

Johnny Cash, one of country music's most distinctive figures, and The Martin Guitar Company are proud to introduce the D-42JC Johnny Cash Limited Edition Signature Model, a collaboration between the respected "Man in Black" and Martin. The Johnny Cash Limited Edition Guitar will be available from Martin dealers throughout the world. The edition will be limited to a maximum of 200 guitars, each numbered in sequence and personally signed by Johnny Cash and C. F. Martin, IV, Martin's chairman and CEO.

Johnny Cash , the youngest performer ever inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, is also in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Although he starts every concert with the words, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash," This is one artist who needs little introduction. Cash is one of the most recognizable and respected figures in country music and is acknowledged to be one of the biggest stars the industry has ever produced. Throughout his long career, Johnny Cash has shown tremendous loyalty to Martin guitars. His favorites include the first black guitar ever crafted by Martin, Cash's custom D-35 made in 1989. He also plays a Martin Bicentennial Limited Edition (#375) and a custom D-45 made in 1982 and signed by both C. F. Martin, III, and C. F. Martin, IV.

The Johnny Cash Limited Edition Guitar is the first all-black limited edition ever offered by Martin. Hand-crafted entirely of solid woods, this D-42JC is a 14-fret Dreadnought with high performance forward-shifted scalloped X-bracing. The three piece back is made of East Indian Rosewood with Martin style 45 multi-colored back inlay strips. The neck shape was inspired by the Hank Williams/Johnny Cash D-45. The fingerboard is genuine ebony and is inlaid with abalone stars, delicately bordered with mother-of-pearl. The rosette and the perimeter of the body are bordered with highly colorful style 42 abalone pearl inlay. Johnny Cash's signature will be inlaid between the 19th and 20th frets. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Johnny Cash Limited Edition Guitars will be donated to The Carter Family Memorial Music Center.

A native of Kingsland, Arkansas, Johnny Cash began playing the guitar and writing songs in the 1950s while serving in the Air Force. His hits include such favorites as "I Walk the Line," "Folsom Prison Blues," and "A Boy Named Sue." Widely known for his prison performances and songs, Cash has won three Grammy Awards. He is married to singing partner June Carter.

Martin Guitar dealers will begin to take orders for the Johnny Cash Limited Edition Guitars immediately, though due to heavy demand for Martin instruments, this edition will not appear in stores until early 1998.

C. F. Martin Commemorates the 100th Anniversary<br>of Jimmie Rodgers' Birth with Limited Edition<br>Replica of Legendary "Blue Yodel" Guitar

Release Date: 01/16/97
Source: Press Release

Anaheim, CA - C. F. Martin & Co. is honored to introduce the 000-45JR Jimmie Rodgers Limited Edition Guitar. This historic instrument commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jimmie Rodgers, acknowledged to be the "Father of Country Music." C. F. Martin will offer 100 of these special Brazilian rosewood guitars for sale worldwide.

Jimmie Rodgers, widely known as "America's Blue Yodeler," was referred to as the "Singing Brakeman" during his railroad days. Born in Meridian, Mississippi on September 8, 1897, James Charles Rodgers traveled the country extensively by railroad in his early years and was exposed to many indigenous styles of music. Jimmie Rodgers combined diverse influences in his own songs and in 1927, at the age of 30, he auditioned for Ralph Peer, Sr., an RCA Victor talent scout. His first record was made at the now legendary "Bristol session," and the rest is history.

The original Jimmie Rodgers 000-45 Martin is possibly the most valuable (if not priceless) guitar ever made. Its worth is certainly affected by the fact that it was Jimmie Rodgers' favorite personal guitar. He made nearly all of his popular recordings with his Martin.

At his peak, the recordings of Jimmie Rodgers had the greatest worldwide sales of any artist of his era. Although his career lasted only a short five years, his music influenced several generations of folk, blues, and country stars. Rodgers died while recording in New York City on May 26, 1933, at age 35, a victim of tuberculosis. After his death, Rodgers' widow lent the guitar to Ernest Tubb who performed with it for four decades.

When Ernest Tubb died, the 000-45 was returned to Jimmie Rodgers' daughter, Anita, who made arrangements to donate the instrument to the Smithsonian Institution until she learned the Smithsonian would not have been able to display the guitar on a permanent basis. The guitar was then donated to the Jimmie Rodgers Museum in Meridian, Mississippi where it is featured in a vault behind a glass door as part of the permanent display. A sign states, "Presented to Jimmie Rodgers in Washington, D.C. by Mr. C. Frederick Martin, President of the Martin Guitar Co., July 27, 1927." In addition to this particular guitar's colorful history, the 000-45 model is sought after on the vintage guitar market, attracting buyers who pay from $50,000 to $100,000 for one of these very rare instruments.

Martin's Artist Relations Manager Dick Boak and Prototype Coordinator Dale Eckhart traveled to Meridian to visit the Jimmie Rodgers Museum in May of 1996. While there, they took extensive measurements and photographs of the Jimmie Rodgers guitar in order to develop the specific appointments necessary to replicate this special instrument.

The 000-45JR Jimmie Rodgers model is crafted with Martin's "Golden Era" features. The term "Golden Era" refers to vintage Martin instruments made prior to World War II. During the pre-war era, Martin's unique, almost magical blend of well chosen materials, optimized design, and hand-crafted construction created what many collectors and guitar experts believe to be the finest acoustic stringed instruments ever made. Over the past 20 years, Martin has reintroduced nearly all of the individual styles and features of those pre-war instruments. The return of the vintage attributes to production has been well received by the guitar playing community, including references to the 1990s as Martin's "Second Golden Era." The demand for a Golden Era Series has challenged Martin to recreate, as faithfully as possible, models that have long since become legendary.

The 000 12-fret model is a somewhat obscure but highly sought after pre-war Martin size and style. The graceful "000" 12-fret body shape is particularly suited for guitarists who favor more delicate fingerstyle techniques.

A solid spruce soundboard, bookmatched from rare Adirondack "red" spruce, is braced with the original pre-war Martin scalloped X-brace pattern, forward shifted to a position 1" from the soundhole. Linen reinforcement strips are glued in regular intervals along the interior surface of the Brazilian rosewood sides to further strengthen the body. The two-piece back, also fashioned from rare solid "pre-CITES" Brazilian rosewood, features the traditional "Style 45 multi-colored mosaic" back inlay strip. Highly colorful abalone is inlaid around the rosette, as well as the perimeter of the top, sides and back. Ivoroid binding with black/white wood fiber inlay compliments the abalone pearl inlay at all appropriate seams in the vintage 45 style.

The original genuine ebony fingerboard, bound in grained ivoroid, has been faithfully recreated with "JIMMIE RODGERS" inlaid with mother of pearl. In keeping with the original specification, a straight-line ebony bridge features wings inlaid with Maltese snowflakes. The bridge is fitted with a long or "through" fossilized ivory saddle. Fossilized ivory is also used for the nut and for the bridge pins, which are inlaid with vintage 4mm abalone pearl dots.

When he placed his original order in 1927, Jimmie Rodgers requested that the headstock be inlaid with his trademark "BLUE YODELER" in Martin Style 45 letters. It is interesting to note that Martin had a great difficulty fitting all of the "YODELER" letters on the narrow strip between the two peghead slots. As a result, Jimmie Rodgers amended the inlay design to read simply "YODEL." This legendary inlay has been faithfully replicated in mother-of-pearl to match the original guitar. A vintage styled square tapered slotted headstock with square slots is bound in grained ivoroid to match the fingerboard and body, and outfitted with premium quality Waverly-Sloane engraved sidemount tuning machines with ivoroid buttons.

A nitrocellulose lacquer finish is polished to high gloss on all surfaces of the body, neck and headplate. Vintage toner, developed to match the golden color of pre-war aged lacquer, is applied as the base coat on the face of the guitar.

One unique and legendary aspect of the original Jimmie Rodgers 000-45 is the hand painted "THANKS" on the back of the guitar. From photographs of the original hand painted letters, a color matched decal replica was created. This decal is offered as an option at no additional surcharge and is applied to the back prior to the application of finish.

A pickguard is not standard on this model, though it is believed that Ernest Tubb added the one that is currently on the original Jimmie Rodgers guitar. An optional tortoise colored pickguard may be ordered with each limited edition guitar. Each pickguard is delicately hand-beveled and polished to approximate the under-the-finish appearance of pre-war pickguards. The original "C. F. Martin hot stamp" that was used on pre-war guitars was retrieved from the Martin Museum in order to burn an authentic "Nazareth, PA" logo onto the back center brace. The current stamp bears the "Made in U.S.A." origin. A deluxe #533 Geib Style hardshell case is included with each instrument.

The original Jimmie Rodgers guitar bears a special interior label in C. F. Martin, III's handwriting that reads, "To Jimmie Rodgers, America's Blue Yodeler, with all good wishes, C. Frederick Martin, July 27, 1927." This original label has been carefully reproduced for the edition. A specially engraved brass plate, mounted just above the serial number inside the guitar body bears the inscription, "JIMMIE RODGERS, "Blue Yodel," 000-45JR, 100th Anniversary, 1897-1997."

Each instrument will be numbered in sequence (i.e. #1 of 100, #2 of 100, etc.) and each instrument will be personally signed by C. F. Martin, IV, Martin's chairman and CEO, who represents the sixth generation of Martin family members to manage the esteemed guitarmaking firm.

Martin Introduces Limited Edition<br>6-String and 12-String Arlo Guthrie "Alice's Restaurant" Guitars

Release Date: 07/19/97
Source: Press Release

"Alice's Restaurant Massacree," the classic anti-Establishment folk song that helped define the Woodstock era, has reached the age of 30. In honor of the anniversary of this folk anthem about Guthrie's escapades with the police and the draft board, The Martin Guitar Company is proud to announce a collaboration with songwriter Arlo Guthrie to create two limited edition guitars, a six-string 0000-28H AG and a 12-string 0000-28H AG. The Martin Guitar Company will craft up to 30 of each of these commemorative "Alice's Restaurant" limited edition guitars. Each instrument will be numbered in sequence (i.e. #1 of 30, #2 of 30, etc.) and signed by Arlo Guthrie and C. F. Martin, IV, CEO and Chairman of the Martin Guitar Company.

Arlo Guthrie, son of noted folksinger and songwriter Woody Guthrie, learned to play guitar by the age of six. Although his father was hospitalized for many of his early years, Arlo grew up with such folk heroes as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Leadbelly and Cisco Houston. by the time he was in his teens, Arlo was performing in coffee houses. It was his "Alice's Restaurant" album, released in 1967 and certified gold by the RIAA, that launched him to the forefront of the anti-war movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Arlo Guthrie Limited Edition commemorative guitars will be donated to Guthrie's Interfaith Church Foundation, which is housed in the same church where he wrote "Alice's Restaurant" and where the movie of the same name was filmed in 1969.

Special features of the 6-string Arlo Guthrie guitar include a headplate that combines the classic Martin raised gold foil logo with a pearl inlaid and engraved representation of Alice's Restaurant, the notorious church building in Stockbridge, Massachusetts where the infamous "Massacree" occurred. The unbound genuine ebony fingerboard features inlaid "circles and arrows," and of course, a "paragraph" written by Arlo on the inside of each guitar. The words "Alice's Restaurant 30th" are inlaid at the 12th, 13th and 14th frets. Arlo Guthrie's name is inlaid between the 19th and 20th frets. The top of the guitar is Sitka Spruce with a highly colorful three piece abalone pearl rosette. The sides are selected East Indian rosewood, and the two piece East Indian rosewood back has a Martin style 45 back inlay strip. The guitar is housed in a unique blue jean covered hardshell case.

The 12-string limited edition "Alice's Restaurant" Commemorative utilizes fingerboard and headstock inlays which are identical to the six-string model. Standard 12-string modifications have been made to the neck width and shape, the interior top bracing pattern, the bridge configuration, and the tuning machines.

Arlo Guthrie selected the 0000 stage/studio model, formerly referred to as the "M" size Martin body, because this has been his favorite guitar size for several decades. The "H" stands for herringbone, specifying Martin's legendary herringbone 28 specifications.

Martin Guitar dealers worldwide will begin to take orders for the 0000-28H AG and 000012-28H AG Arlo Guthrie Signature Models immediately, although the guitars will not be available until early 1998.

Martin Unveils OM-42PS Paul Simon<br>Limited Edition Signature Model for 1997

Release Date: 01/16/97
Source: Press Release
OM-42PS (Paul Simon)

Anaheim, CA - C. F. Martin & Co. is proud to announce a major collaboration with Paul Simon, one of the most significant recording artists of our time. The OM-42PS Paul Simon Limited Edition Guitar will be available only from Martin dealers throughout the world. The edition will be limited to just 500 guitars, each numbered in sequence and personally signed by Paul Simon and C. F. Martin, IV, Martin's chairman and CEO.

Following an initial meeting to discuss limited edition possibilities with Martin's Artist Relations Manager Dick Boak, Paul and his son Harper (also a great guitarist) traveled to Martin's headquarters in Nazareth, PA, to try out a variety of Martin guitar sizes, shapes and styles. After several hours, Paul zeroed in on two, the 0000 (Grand Auditorium) and OM (Orchestra Model). Martin built four prototypes for Paul to try, two in each size. He paid particular attention to the neck, opting for a custom variation of the wider OM neck width. In respect to appointments, Paul felt that as a limited edition or collectable, the model should be ornate but tasteful, easy to amplify, and suitable for use on stage and in the studio. The edition size (five hundred) was taken from "Suite 500," Simon's office in the classic Brill Building in Manhattan.

The OM-42PS limited edition Martin guitar was designed to meet Paul Simon's exacting requirements for tone, size, and action. The smaller OM body size, combined with the long (25.4") scale length, is particularly applicable to fingerstyle guitarists who are seeking a strong yet balanced tone. Paul Simon and C. F. Martin & Co. generally steer clear of product endorsements. As a result, both wished to develop a special guitar that would help fund a charity. Paul Simon is co-founder of The Children's Health Fund, the nation's largest organization offering health care to homeless children, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to this charity.

Paul Simon's most recent project is writing the score for the Broadway musical "The Capeman," scheduled to open in New York in the fall of 1997. Advance word is that the music is so exceptional, it will set a new standard by which musicals will be judged. The two acoustic guitars being used in the show are two of the initial prototypes of the limited edition built by The Martin Guitar Company.

The OM-42PS is tastefully appointed with tortoise colored bindings throughout. Handcrafted entirely with solid woods, the sides and back are constructed from select grade East Indian rosewood, and the top is bookmatched from quartersawn Sitka spruce. The perimeter of the pearl rosetted soundboard has been painstakingly inlaid with highly colored Style 42 abalone pearl top inlay. At Simon's specific request, the adjustable neck is sleek and low with a comfortable 1 11/16" neck width at the nut, but with the slightly wider OM neck width as you move up toward the twelfth fret. A Style 45 pearl inlaid C. F. Martin headstock is bound in tortoise and fitted with the highest quality vintage style Waverly nickel-plated open-geared tuning machines with ivoroid buttons. A genuine ebony tortoise bound fingerboard features the original Style 42 snowflake pattern in abalone pearl, with Paul Simon's signature delicately inlaid in mother of pearl between the 19th and 20th frets. A deluxe five-ply vintage series Geib style hardshell case has been designed to house this special guitar.

Paul Simon is widely known for his legendary partnership with Art Garfunkel but after their breakup in the early 1970s, it was Paul's talent that emerged in album after album of award-winning material. From his first solo release in 1972 (titled simply "Paul Simon") to his 1990 "Rhythm of the Saints," Simon's work bridges the gaps between music, poetry and art. One of his most successful works was the Grammy-award winning "Graceland," a project that influenced and inspired the "world music" movement.

Martin Guitar dealers will begin to take orders for the five hundred OM-42PS immediately. As with all Martin guitars, the construction process takes both time and expertise. The Martin Guitar Company dates back to the 1830s when Christian Frederick Martin, Sr., moved to the United States from Europe. The guitar shop he set up over 160 years ago has been continuously family owned and operated. Current Chairman and CEO, Chris Martin, IV, is the sixth generation Martin to head this venerable company.

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