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Massimo Varini | Italy Ambassador

Composer, arranger, producer, Grammy-winner, renown educator, monster acoustic and electric guitarist, Massimo Varini is a modern day Renaissance man of music.

 Fittingly a native Italian, Massimo’s credits span 45-million records sold, two Grammy’s in Laura Pausini’s Albums, 26-million YouTube video views, multiple Top 10 listings in the charts, dozens of top-ranked educational publications, and dozens of successful collaborations with some of the most famous International singers, arrangers, producers and musicians (from Andrea Bocelli to Laura Pausini, or Eros Ramazzotti and many many others). Nearly every album Varini is involved in lands at the top of the European charts for weeks on end.

 Passionate, creative, innovative and a bona fide master of his instrument, Massimo Varini is one of the planet's most accomplished and influential artists. Fortunately for students of guitar, Massimo is also a very skilled and prolific educator who possesses that rare ability to be able to communicate sophisticated musical concepts in a very clear and accessible manner that transcends language barriers.

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