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Welcome to the Repair Shop

Becoming a Martin owner is something that happens the moment you receive your first C.F. Martin & Co. instrument, and for us here at the Repair Shop, that is where the Martin experience truly begins. Our guitars, basses, and ukuleles are built to be played, but also to be toneful, and we know that after a period of months, or years, there may be something you'd like adjusted on your guitar. If it's under warranty, it's simply a matter of paper work and shipping, and if it's not - if your guitar was "pre-owned," or if the repairs needed aren't covered, we know you'd like the same hands that build Martin instruments to be the ones that bring it back to speed.

Our team consists of craftspeople specially trained int he art of repairing Martin instruments. Our focus is the use of techniques and tools that have been passed down from generations of coworkers. Our processes are a careful blend of Old World craftsmanship and modern technology. We provide careful and precise repairs with unparalleled standards of quality to both warranty and non-warranty instruments.

You're a Martin owner, and your instrument deserves Martin repairs. 

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Fred Greene | VP, Custom Shop

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