Every day is Earth Day: Building a sustainable future since 1833

“Protecting the environment and all its precious resources has been at the forefront of my family’s business since its inception.” — C. F. Martin & Company Chairman and CEO Chris Martin

Protecting the environment has always been important to us. After all, there’s nothing more critical to our future—and everyone else’s—than developing forests with long-term sustainability. That’s why we were one of the first guitar manufacturers to develop an ecological policy in 1990. We’ve embraced responsible use of traditional tonewoods and encouraged building guitars with alternative woods. We’re on a mission to protect the earth while providing economic, social, and cultural opportunities for people everywhere. As a company, we’re committed to recycling everything we can, wasting as little as possible, and working to minimize our impact on the planet.

Certified responsible.

Martin Guitar's FSC® certification with Preferred by Nature is recognized by the Rainforest Alliance. It means we comply with one of the most stringent social and environmental standards on the market and support responsible forest management. We also put our words into action by building one of the first guitars crafted entirely from FSC-certified wood in 2009.

A factory making a better world.

Check out Martin’s Greenprint. You’ll see at a glance how we’re saving energy, recycling everything we can, and keeping our commitment to being environmentally responsible.

The Clean Cruiser Project

Forest Stewardship Council

Rainforest Alliance