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Chapter 11: Ecological Concerns

C. F. Martin formalized its long-standing ecological policy in 1990. This program embraced the judicious and responsible use of traditional natural materials and encouraged the introduction of sustainable-yield, alternative wood species. Martin’s consumer focus group research has led to the introduction and wide-spread acceptance of guitars utilizing structurally sound woods with natural cosmetic characteristics formerly considered unacceptable. Martin has also developed numerous sustainable-yield, alternative wood guitars for industry-wide exhibitions intended to educate our consumers and provide direction for the company and industry. The company recognizes CITES as the governing authority on endangered species and closely follows their directives.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The C. F. Martin Story
Chapter 2: Fleeing Restrictive Guilds
Chapter 3: Guitars for Wine
Chapter 4: From Workshop to Factory
Chapter 5: Testing a Young Man's Character
Chapter 6: Education Instead of Sales
Chapter 7: Riding the Ukulele Boom
Chapter 8: Martin Innovations
Chapter 9: An Era of Prosperity
Chapter 10: The Sixth Generation
Chapter 11: Ecological Concerns
Chapter 12: Continuing Adherence to Principles

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