Announcing the New Custom Shop 1937 Models

Sonic superiority of Martin’s Authentic Series and the everyday practicality of a workhorse guitar

Jam in Place is Back

New performances every week

Concert Uke FSC

Built for serious players who want premium tone in an environmentally friendly instrument

D-35 David Gilmour Signature Models

Life is impossible without a guitar

Still Handmade. Still the standard.

Amazing tone comes from artisans who do honest work with care and patience

The Martin Guitar Guide
New to Martin? Get to know our guitars by Series

X Series

Made for musicians that want the freedom to play how, where, and when they want without breaking the bank.

Standard Series

Two centuries of craftsmanship and technique—history made from wood and wire.

Road Series

Ideal for working musicians or up-and-coming players looking for a guitar they can grow into.

Modern Deluxe

The look, tone, and construction of vintage Martin guitars with modern features. 

Junior Series

Slightly smaller 000 or Dreadnought bodies that refuse to make sacrifices in tone or volume.

Authentic Series

Faithful looking and sounding reproductions of history-making, pre-war models

15 Series

Well-crafted, versatile workhorses that deliver classic tone anywhere you play.

16-17 Series

Built in Nazareth with the same craftsmanship as their more expensive and famous cousins.

Little Martin Series

Worry-free durability, amazing portability and sound great anywhere.

Backpacker Series

Perfect for backyards, campfires, mountaintops, and even played in outer space!

Believe in Music

See Martin's New 2021 Models in Action

2021 New Model Lineup

A virtual concert series, featuring Martin players performing from their own space

Jam in Place

Martin Artists

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Martin Strings

Making our own, our way.

Strings are far too important to the tone of a guitar to leave to someone else. Since 1833, our goal has been to make the best guitars possible–guitars people fall in love with over and over again. We believe that the strings, the last critical ingredient in the guitar making process, are the vocal cords of any guitar. That's why we make our own.