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Over the past two centuries, we’ve made more than 2 million guitars that all made something essential: music. After all, music is humanity set to a melody; reminding us of who we are and letting us express ourselves. Our guitars have inspired generations of musicians to create music that brings joy, love, and friendship. Played by legends like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, and John Mayer, the sound of a Martin can be heard on so many songs that mean so much to so many. If you love music, we have a guitar for you. So pick up a Martin and make more music for the world.

Fan Favorites

Still handmade. Still the standard.

Martin guitars are still handmade with care and patience by artisans practicing real craftsmanship. See why handmade is still the standard and always will be.

Martin’s mission to evolve its heritage by enhancing the range in the way we’ve seen here is to be applauded. We can imagine that all the new-fangled ideas that are going on with the Modern Deluxes - both seen and unseen – may be in conflict with comfort-zone sensibilities of the traditionalists, but to those fine gentlefolk we would wholeheartedly recommend auditioning one. The difference you find here is real with additional volume, enhanced projection, greater sustain – and that’s on top of the renowned Martin tone. You really can’t go wrong.

Guitarist Magazine on the 000-28 Modern Deluxe and D-18 Modern Deluxe

Frequently Asked Questions

Martin Guitar’s limited lifetime warranty is available for the original, registered owner of full-size instruments purchased through the original Martin dealer within the US or Canada. More details can be found in the warranty booklet accompanying your guitar. Please contact your Martin dealer for details of international warranties. All returns should be addressed directly with the dealer through which the instrument was purchased.

We manufacture and assemble Martin Guitars at our facilities in Nazareth, PA and Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico.

You should only purchase our guitars through authorized Martin dealers. Use our locator to find a dealer near you.

Yes. In 1843, C.F. Martin Sr. created a guitar for Madame DeGoni using X bracing. This is the first known model to incorporate the X brace pattern.