MARTIN: The Journal of Acoustic Guitars

The Martin Journal takes a deep dive into the world of Martin. In each issue, we share our history, our culture, our products, and our passion for guitars and music. The latest issue highlights why our guitars are still handmade, it introduces you to our new CEO, it features interviews with Jeff Daniels and Brooke Ligertwood, and so much more. We hope you enjoy reading it. Please share with your friends and family!

It's All In The Hands

For Martin Guitar, the people and the process are one and the same. You cannot remove one while keeping the other. But you can innovate—and yes, even automate—to help people do things in ways that are faster, easier, safer, and more affordable for artists. But it can never replace those ineffable parts of hand craftsmanship that make a Martin so special.

Understanding Martin's Series Designations

When shopping for a new Martin, you may find it helpful to understand how we categorize our guitars by series and price point. We’ve included here a brief description of each series and some key components of each. However, we encourage you to try different models at an authorized Martin retailer or to reach out to one of our online retailers for assistance in finding the guitar that is the best fit for you.

The Custom Shop Experts

Martin’s Custom Shop Expert Program identifies elite authorized Martin dealers who specialize in designing custom Martin guitars. The dealers selected for this program have proven success in this role and have earned access to Custom Shop options never before open to consumers.