Martin E1

The Martin E1 includes controls for Volume (to control overall output of the pickup), Tone (to control the bass and treble response of the pickup), and Phase (to reverse the phase 180 degrees, which can decrease feedback and increase bass response). It also includes a built-in chromatic tuner that does not need an instrument cable to be used. When the chromatic tuner is engaged, all output will be muted for silent tuning.

Fishman Aura VT Blend

The Fishman Aura VT Blend system elevates guitar tone control to new heights. Developed in collaboration with Fishman, these electronics deliver studio-quality sound for both home recording and live performance settings. With simple Volume, Tone, and Blend controls, it offers unparalleled flexibility. The Blend control seamlessly transitions from the Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup to 100% Aura HD for realistic mic'd studio sound, providing articulate midrange and full-bodied acoustic warmth. Simple yet powerful, it's ideal for various settings, ensuring exceptional sound reproduction.

Fishman MX

The Fishman MX is an onboard preamp that includes controls for Volume and Tone. The Tone control lets you adjust between the natural undersaddle sound with no EQ (flat) and a variable “scooped” tone with emphasized bass & treble and reduced midrange. 

Fishman MX-T

The Fishman MX-T is an onboard preamp that includes the same Volume and Tone controls as the Fishman MX, but also includes a built-in Tuner and Phase Switch. The built-in chromatic tuner accommodates all standard and alternate tunings and mutes the output when engaged to allow you to tune the guitar silently. The Phase switch is used to improve bass response at low volume and suppress feedback at high volume.

Fishman Sonitone

The Fishman Sonitone is an onboard preamp that includes controls for Volume and Tone. The Volume control allows you to set the volume as high as possible without causing your amp or mixer to distort. The Tone control allows you to reduce the amount of treble in your sound.

LR Baggs Anthem

The LR Baggs Anthem includes controls for Volume, Mix (to control the mixes between the mic and pickup), Mic Level (to adjust the level of the Tru Mic relative to the level of environment), and Phase Inversion (to choose the best sound and control feedback). It also includes a Battery Check button to check the battery life at any time.

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