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Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings

A small but mighty sound. Martin Ukulele strings offer a high tensile fluorocarbon to hold tunings longer and improve harmonic output for consistent true tone.

Used by:

Amanda Shires

Clear Fluorocarbon

Martin Soprano and Tenor Ukulele strings are made with clear fluorocarbon. Our Baritone Ukulele strings are made with clear fluorocarbon, aluminum wrap wire, and sliver-plated copper on nylon.

Weight E B G D A E Tension Model
Soprano/Concert .0191 .0256 .0340 .0216 - - 30 M600
Tenor .0216 .028 .034 .0256 - - 53.48 M620
Baritone .0216 .0256 .034 .035 - - 44 M630
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