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Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Timing is everything. When the Limited Edition Martin of your dreams was released, you were unable to make the purchase and now it is no longer available on the current Martin price list. You thought you lost your opportunity, but take heart! You may still be able to find your Hidden Treasure at a Martin Dealer.

Click on the link of any Martin guitar listed below. When the next webpage appears you will find the name, location and telephone number of the dealers who may have your favorite Martin guitar in stock. Don't let this chance slip by! Find your Hidden Treasure today!


000-28M Eric Clapton
000-28M Eric Clapton Sunburst
000-28 Norman Blake
000C Steve Miller
000CDC Doug Greth
000-ECHF Bellezza Bianca
000-ECHF Bellezza Nera
00-18S John Mellencamp
00-21 Kingston Trio
00-42K2 Robbie Robertson
00-42 Linda Ronstadt
00-45S 1902
00 Stauffer 175th
518 Marty Robbins
Alternative II Resonator
America's Guitar
Anaheim 2011 One Off Custom - GPC Koa
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts 2
Car Talk Special Edition
CEO-4R (Slope Shoulder)
Claire's Guitar
Cowboy II
Cowboy III
Cowboy IV
Cowboy V
Cowboy X
CSN (Gerry Tolman Tribute Edition)
Custom (Don Johnson- Hot Rod)
D-100 Deluxe
D-16BH (Beck)
D-18 1955 CFM IV
D-18 75th Anniversary Edition
D-18 Del McCoury 50th Anniv
D-21JCB (Jim Croce)
D-28 75th Anniversary Edition
D-28 Authentic
D-28CWB (Clarence White)
D-28 Elvis Presley
D-28 Elvis Presley CVR
D-28M Elvis Presley
D-28M Mamas and the Papas
D-28M Merle Travis
D-35 Ernest Tubb
D-41 Porter Wagoner
D-42 Cambodian Rosewood
D-42 Flamed Mahogany
D-45 Koa
D-45 Marquis
D-45 Mike Longworth
D-50 Deluxe
D-50 Koa Deluxe
D-76 Centennial
DCE Trey Anastasio
Ditson Dreadnaught 111
Ditson Dreadnaught 333
Doobie-42 Tom Johnston
DVM (Veterans Model)
DX 175th
Figured Koa-Special
Hawaiian X
HD-28KM (Kevin Moore)
HD-40LSH Tom Paxton
HD-40MS (Marty Stuart)
HD-7 Roger McGuinn
HDC-40 Travis Tritt
HDO (Grand Ole Opry)
HM Ben Harper
JC Buddy Guy
LX Elvis Presley
LX Jimmy Buffett
LX Realtree HD
M3M George Martin
M-42 David Bromberg
Nub X
OM-18 GE (1930)
OM-28 Golden Era
OM-28M Rosanne Cash
OM-30DB Pat Donohue
OM-42 Camodian Rosewood
OM-42 Flamed Mahogany
OM-42 Flamed Myrtle
OM-45 Golden Era 1933
OM-45 Roy Rogers
OM-45 Tasmanian Blackwood
OMC-16E Maple
OMC-18VLJ (Laurence Juber)
OMCE Claro
OMC Fingerstyle 1
OM Chris Hillman
OM Negative
SW00-DB Machiche
V-76 Centennial
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