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MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars

The official printed publication of Martin Guitar

Available in both print and digital editions, MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is published by C.F. Martin & Co. in January of each year.

MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is written exclusively for acoustic guitar enthusiasts, players, dealers, owners and potential buyers. It includes new product announcements, special edition instruments, developments in the string making area, company news, technical information, and more.

Download as a PDF below (requires Adobe Acrobat), or pick up a free copy at your local authorized Martin dealer while supplies last.

Current issue: Vol. 1 - 2014

Take it From the Top

Untitled-2Welcome to the first edition of MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars. You may be familiar with The Sounding Board, a publication we produced two times a year to coincide with the two NAMM shows we attend. We decided to consolidate these publications into one broader and deeper look at what is going on at the Martin Guitar Company.

Last year, we celebrated our 180th anniversary. Not quite as exciting as our 175th but still significant. In fact, while there wasn’t as much public hoopla around our 180th it was an important opportunity for those of us who work at the company to pause and reflect on our past, present and future. In fact, my colleagues are already excited about the tremendous celebration we can have in 2033!

I have to tell you how proud and amazed I am at the conclusions drawn in the spectacular publication of the book Inventing the American Guitar. This project has taken several years. While I had an inkling of what was being discussed by the scholars who were investigating my great-great-great grandfather’s work, it wasn’t until I began to read the proofs for the book that I began to grasp the profound influences he had on today’s modern acoustic guitar. I don’t want to give away the plot, so I encourage you to get a copy of the book.

Speaking of books, there is also a new book out about the Martin ukulele. Who would have thought that the company would be in the midst of the third ukulele boom in its history?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (well, actually, the factory), we have been busy responding to the demand for more and more Martin guitars, thanks to a continued resurgence of acoustic music and the singer-songwriter. This is an exciting time to be an acoustic guitar builder. When popular artists embrace Martin guitars to ply their craft, it is good for business.

Our goal continues to be to try and find the balance between the old and the new in our ongoing effort to build the perfect guitar. We are closer than we ever have been to that elusive, but worthwhile, goal.

I hope you enjoy this publication. Remember to come and visit us any time you are near Nazareth.

C. F. Martin IV
Chairman & CEO
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.

What's Inside

180 Years of Music Tradition

The New Pioneers: Setting a New Standard

Buddy Guy Takes the Blues Full Circle

Ed Sheeran: 15 Million Albums Sold & He's Just Getting Started


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