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MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars

The official printed publication of Martin Guitar

MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is published by C.F. Martin & Co. in January and July of each year. January issues are available in print and PDF formats. July issues are available as PDFs only.

MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is written exclusively for acoustic guitar enthusiasts, players, dealers, owners and potential buyers. It includes new product announcements, special edition instruments, developments in the string making area, company news, technical information, and more.

New issues can be downloaded as a PDF from Martin's website (requires Adobe Acrobat). In January, the latest print issue can be picked up for free at your local authorized Martin dealer while supplies last.

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Current issue: Volume 2 - 2014

Untitled-2Take it From the Top

Why are elephants still being slaughtered? Isn’t there enough antique ivory around to satisfy the demand? Apparently not.

My family used ivory in the construction of many of our guitars for over 140 years. By the 1970s, my father and grandfather made a decision to stop. By that time, we were only using ivory for nuts and saddles. While the tonal properties of ivory were ideal, an acceptable synthetic substitute was found. Please take a look at the hang tag that we used then to communicate this decision to our customers.

Now, 40 years later, the demand for ivory is soaring. Unfortunately and tragically, this is having a devastating effect on an already dwindling elephant population. The elephant is a majestic, social animal that has no defenses against a poacher with a high power weapon.

What can you do? There are many organizations who are mobilizing to attempt to stop this poaching and diminish the demand. We are working with the Global Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Division of International Conservation and The Nature Conservancy.

I want to encourage you to get involved in this timely opportunity to help save the elephant.

C. F. Martin IV
Chairman & CEO
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.

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