Authentic Acoustic® Strings

There’s one surefire way to give your guitar the tone it deserves. It starts and ends with our revolutionary Authentic Acoustic strings. They’re made by Martin and will bring out the best in any acoustic guitar. Get long-lasting, super comfortable, incredibly playable strings that take your tone to new sonic heights.

The Authentic Acoustic String Lineup
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Behind the Design

A look at the new Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings

Building a better string.

You want the best, and these strings represent our best. Premium alloys for the core and wrap wires. Exceedingly high-quality standards. The most innovative thinking. Between making strings for five decades and building guitars for nearly two centuries, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to craft the perfect string. We also know how important strings are to a guitar’s tone. That’s why we make our own.

The Authentic Acoustic® Series