C.F. Martin & Co. Establishes Annual Corporate Impact Report
The report highlights the company’s efforts to positively impact its culture, community, and the environment

Lehigh Valley, Pa
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

C.F. Martin & Co. announced today the release of their first annual Impact Report. The report is a way for the iconic guitar maker to share its commitment to being a socially responsible organization. The annual Impact Report details some of their efforts and achievements in caring for employees, local and global communities, and the environment in 2021. This report will serve as a framework to advance these efforts and provide an update of annual progress.

"One reason I was so excited to join this incredible organization last year is the pure sense of pride and passion that is evident in its employees, loyal customers, and business partners across the globe," said President and CEO Thomas Ripsam. "The company recognizes this and makes every effort to share its success through ongoing programs supporting local and global communities, our colleagues, and the environment. While we will always strive to do more, the company is doing some fantastic work, and I am so proud to share our efforts through this annual impact report."

You can read the full report on Martin’s website here.