C.F. Martin & Co. Elects New Board Member

Martin President & CEO Thomas Ripsam joins Martin’s Board of Directors

Nazareth, PA
August 1, 2023

C.F. Martin & Co. announced today that Thomas Ripsam has joined the company’s Board of Directors effective July 25, 2023. Mr. Ripsam has been serving as the organization’s President & CEO since June 14, 2021, after succeeding longtime Chairman and CEO, Christian Frederick Martin IV, who assumed the role of Executive Chairman at that time.

"I have enjoyed working with Thomas over these past two years as I transitioned to Executive Chairman of my family’s business. He has proven to be a compassionate leader and a strong strategic thinker. As we celebrate our 190th year in business I’m proud that Thomas is joining the Martin board. I know he will help steer the company in the right direction, so we are still around 190 years from now."

Prior to Martin Mr. Ripsam spent over 25 years at Booz Allen & Hamilton and PricewaterhouseCoopers in various leadership roles. He worked with consumer goods companies, specialty retailers, technology solutions providers, Fortune 50 companies and family-owned businesses, helping to drive profitable growth, enhancing digital capabilities, improving customer experience and engagement, and generating hundreds of millions in incremental value for his clients.

“Since joining C.F. Martin & Co., my focus as President & CEO has been to help ensure the company continues to deliver strong results while successfully managing the many challenges driven by Covid and an uncertain macro-economic environment, while shaping the brand and business strategies, strengthening and building capabilities and a culture to position C.F. Martin well for the future. I continue to be impressed by the passion that runs throughout the organization. It is evident every day in the actions of its employees and leadership team. I am honored to also join the Martin Board of Directors to help guide the organization into a bright future where we will continue to offer the best quality instruments and strings and help everyone unleash their inner artist.”