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Martin Guitar announces partnership with d'addario on playback string recycling program

Nazareth, Pa
August 15, 2019

C. F. Martin & Co.® (Martin®) announces their official partnership with D’Addario on the Playback string recycling program. Recognizing a growing need in the industry, D’Addario developed the program as a means to recycle guitar and orchestral strings, which are not accepted through municipal recycling programs. With over 3.9 million strings recycled to date, Playback has been widely successful, offering local string recycling centers at dealers, or the option to mail in used strings. The collaboration is a precise pairing, aligning with Martin’s commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Environmental impact is something Martin takes seriously. They have programs in place at the factory to recycle string waste, sound holes, sawdust, and more, and over 85% of the wood Martin purchases is sustainably sourced. “Martin Guitar’s commitment to environmental stewardship is a long-held core value. It runs deep. It is durable,” Frank Untermyer, Director, Supply Chain Management, notes. “Our participation in the Playback program extends our sustainability commitment to musical strings recycling. We are proud to be a supporting sponsor of Playback.” With their logo on recycling containers and signage at local string recycling centers, Martin will have a clear presence in the Playback program.

“What a great partnership with an even greater purpose. We’re thrilled to have Martin Strings join the D’Addario Playback retail string recycling program. Their support reflects their like-minded commitment to eliminating string waste and protecting our planet. Together, we hope to show how leading brands can work together as models of corporate responsibility and positive change. Please join us by supporting the Playback program in music retail stores across the United States,” adds Brian Vance, D’Addario Director of Product Management.

The Playback program is powered by TerraCycle, an international upcycling and recycling company that aims to transform waste into new materials and products. After the strings are collected, they go through a process to separate the metal and nylon strings; the metal strings are melted down and smelted into new alloys, while the nylon strings are recycled into plastic applications. With over 330 string recycling centers across the U.S. at local musical instrument dealers, it makes it easy for any musician to repurpose their guitar or orchestral strings responsibly.

To learn more about the Playback String Program please visit PLAYBACK.DADDARIO.COM

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