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MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars

The official printed publication of Martin Guitar

MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is published by C.F. Martin & Co. in January and July of each year. January issues are available in print and digital formats. July issues are available as digital editions only.

MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is written exclusively for acoustic guitar enthusiasts, players, dealers, owners and potential buyers. It includes new product announcements, special edition instruments, developments in the string making area, company news, technical information, and more.

New issues can be accessed in digital format from Martin's website. In February, the latest print issue can be picked up for free at your local authorized Martin dealer while supplies last.

Find previous issue here: MARTIN™ - The Journal of Acoustic Guitars Issue Archives

Current issue: Volume 3 - 2015
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Also available as a PDF

Untitled-2Take it From the Top

I was ten years old in 1965. The folk boom was peaking, riots erupted in Watts, the Vietnam War wasn’t going well, and rock & roll looked like it might be here to stay. My dad and grandfather were running the company.

My father was part of the current scene. My grandfather was watching a generation in flux. My father was 31 when the D-35 was introduced. We had just moved into a new factory and business was good. Frank Martin was a complex amalgamation of family business heir, beat generation hipster, sports car enthusiast and madman. He was caught up in a vortex of musical styles that were defining the ‘60s, and many of the artists who were doing the defining were playing Martin guitars.

The exact origins of the D-35 are lost to history. We do know that its development is attributed to the scarcity of Brazilian rosewood. In what is probably our first acknowledgement of the challenge of making more guitars out of scarce resources, my dad’s colleagues created the three-piece back D-35. While three-piece backs were not new on guitars, I think it’s safe to say that the Martin D-35 is the most popular three-piece back guitar ever made. The D-35 has a traditional, yet cool, elegance that was — and is — just right.

Happy 50th birthday, D-35!

C. F. Martin IV
Chairman & CEO
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.

What's Inside

The Age of Individuation - Martin Guitar's Custom Shop

The Milk Carton Kids: Healthy Bones for Strong Growth

D-35 Brazilian 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

John Mayer's Inspired Return


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