A tournament that pushes the limits of the SC-10E

Thank you to all that artists who participated in the Martin Guitar/Guitar World No Limits Challenge!

Congratulations Gretchen Menn!

C. F. Martin & Co. CEO, Thomas Ripsam, congratulates musician Gretchen Menn at NAMM.

In early April, Martin – in partnership with Guitar World – launched the No Limits Challenge competition, a celebration of out SC line of acoustic guitars. The competition featured eight YouTube-savvy guitarists facing off against one another, covering tunes one wouldn't normally associate with an acoustic using one of the SC models.

The winners of each match-up, in turn, were determined by reader vote – with GW editors contributing some helpful analysis. It’s been a long, hard road, but, after nearly two months, we are proud to announce the victor, Gretchen Menn!

About the SC-10E

It’s time to rethink what an acoustic-electric guitar can do. Do you want to play leads all the way up the neck? Play longer? Play louder? Now you can with this super-comfortable, easy-to-play acoustic-electric from Martin. The SC-10E, with its patented Sure Align® neck system, gives you full access to all frets so you can comfortably reach those high notes. It’s also equipped with a low-profile velocity neck barrel that ergonomically accommodates your hand as you move up the neck, giving you the comfort and playability of an electric. The affordably priced SC-10E includes a satin finished sitka spruce top and stunning koa fine veneer back and sides. The design motif features a black and white aperture rosette inlay that is complimented by an ebony headplate, fingerboard, bridge, and black tuners and knobs.

About the Players

Ruben Wan

Ruben is an incredible guitarist as well as a songwriter and producer. He is influenced by Blues, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Gospel music, and has built a dedicated fanbase off the back of his stylish videos and amazing musical talent.

Helen Ibe

Helen has won over legions of fans with her fun informative content, but Helen is a seriously talented guitarist. She plays with an exciting mix of technical mastery and pure musical expression.

Colin Scott

Colin knows guitars inside out, and is on a mission to help people understand the mysterious world of technology. He is a masterful guitarist who always has a unique take.


RJ is a triple threat. He’s a gear head, teacher, and most importantly an epic musician. His socials are packed with reviews, tour vlogs and sublime performances.


Nili has performed and recorded with a eclectic mix of talent from Danny Elfman to Cirque Du Soleil and The Iron Maidens. Her signature style is always recognisable and enjoyable.


Sophie is a rising star in the instrumental guitar world. She has grown a loyal fanbase with her beautifully produced videos and impeccable guitar skills.


Best known for his lively personality showcased on his incredibly successful Youtube channel, Jay is an accomplished session musician who knows how to use the guitar to keep the audience in the palm of his hand!


Gretchen is an acclaimed guitarist known not only for her original works but also as lead guitar for the Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepperella. Her prodigious skills have seen her tour all over the world.