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Martin’s premium classical strings are tonally superior to nylon and the proprietary synthetic material emulates gut strings that have been around for centuries. Magnifico™ strings, developed exclusively with Aquila, offer precise intonation and exceptional tuning stability. All Nazareth-made nylon guitars and custom produced nylon guitars will be strung with Martin’s Magnifico™ premium classical strings. 

Silver Plated

Unlike Martin’s standard classical strings, which have a ball-end, Magnifico™ classical strings will be offered only with the traditional tie-end.

Weight E B G D A E Tension Model
Hard Tension Traditional End M165 .026 .032 .037 .030 .036 .043 103.1 M165
Normal Tension Traditional End M265 .025 .031 .036 .029 .035 .042 98.1 M265
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