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Please retain original sales receipt

Martin Guitar Warranty Registration

  • Important: Upon original purchase of your C.F. Martin instrument, we ask that you complete the online warranty registration form.
  • Registration is valid only for C.F. Martin instruments purchased in the United States or Canada from the original Authorized Martin Dealer for the purpose of the Limited Warranty provided by C.F. Martin. For instruments purchased outside the US or Canada, please refer to your Authorized Martin dealer for details pertaining to warranty coverage.
  • For the warranty terms and conditions, refer to your warranty booklet.
  • Please address all questions concerning warranty service to our Customer Service Department
  • Little Martin, Backpacker, X & 1 Series Ukuleles cannot be registered for lifetime warranty with this form. These models have a one year limited warranty and do not receive an owners registration card. Please retain your original sales receipt for warranty service.
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