THE ROAD SERIES | Built road-ready and made to perform equally well on stage or in a studio, Road Series models are ideal for working musicians or up-and-coming players looking for a guitar they can grow into. These instruments are professional grade, and they’ll be there for you every step of the way. With a Road Series model, you’ll enjoy stunning fine veneer wood options, advanced electronics, elegant appointments, and a price tag with affordable written all over it.

The Road Series Lineup
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More Guitar for your Money

They're built using high-quality, hand-selected exotic tonewoods. Every guitar is pleked for precision and expertly set up before leaving the factory for easy playability right out the box. Just plug in and go. A built-in soundhole tuner automatically mutes the output, so you can tune up quietly even while plugged in. Easy-to-use built in Fishman® MX-T or LR Baggs Element electronics are specially designed for the Road Series and give you classic Martin tone with crisp fidelity. Starting at $999, these guitars are easy on the wallet but work hard for busy musicians and aspiring players.


  • Hand-selected, exotic tone woods
  • Pleked for precision
  • Soundhole tuner
  • Built in Fishman® MX-T or LR Baggs Element electronics

Trey Hensley Plays the SC-13E Special

The GPC-13E’s distinctive tone delivers the uniform balance and wide frequency range of a modern flat-top without sacrificing the percussive attack and sweet overtones that characterize a classic Martin. While it has the powerful, commanding bass and loud volume projection of a Dreadnought, the midrange and treble remain prominent, rich and full as well without sounding harsh.”

Guitar World Magazine

Electronics ready

You want to plug in on stage and in the studio. But you want to keep that timeless tone. It’s easy to do both. Martin master craftspeople will discreetly install electronics while retaining the beauty of your guitar. Choose from packages hand selected to bring out the true tone in each of the Standard Series models and complement your playing style.

Road Series

Professional Grade

Road Series models are made to stand up to the rigors of the professional musician and sound great night after night.


Pleked for precision and expertly set up, Road Series guitars are ready to play right out of the box.

Record, Gig, Strum

Road Series guitars sound great unplugged or plugged in so you can take them from the couch to the studio to the stage without missing a beat.

Good Looks

Elegant appointments plus stunning fine veneer construction for many models, these instruments look as good as they sound.

Advanced Electronics

Fishman MXT or LR Baggs Element electronics bring out the true voice in these guitars. They are easy to use and EQ’d to optimize fidelity.