From The Factory | June 2, 2022

New Models for 2022

Including Martin's 2.5 Millionth Guitar

We are proud to present our Summer NAMM 2022 lineup featuring introductions to the Authentic, Road, and 16 & 17 Series, new ukuleles, and stunning new Custom & Special Editions. 

Martin has also reached a new milestone in our long history: our 2.5 millionth guitar. The Custom D-2.5 Millionth celebrates Christian Frederick Martin Sr.'s arrival in the United Sates. You can watch the mini documentary about it's making here.

In addition, Martin partnered with artist Robert Goetzel to create two custom, one-of-a-kind art guitars to honor treasured species of the animal kingdom. You can learn more about them here.

Custom D-2.5 Millionth

As of 2022, there have been 2.5 million guitars produced. In honor of this milestone, the instrument design team offers one of its most stunning masterpieces. Learn more.

D-Robert Goetzl 2 (Eagle) & D-Robert Goetzl 5 (White Tiger)

These two custom one-of-a-kind art guitars were created to honor treasured species from the animal kingdom and feature original artwork by artist Robert Goetzl hand-painted on the soundboard. Learn more.

D-28 Rich Robinson

Martin is proud to bring you the Rich Robinson Custom Signature Edition D-28. This model is a guitar player’s dream, and it is the first model that Martin has ever made as a visual and sonic representation of an artist’s personal instrument. Learn more.


The Custom Shop SC-2022 is packed with custom features, and it's the first Nazareth-made instrument with the revolutionary SC body style. Learn more.

D-42 Special

In conjunction with former Martin employee Dick Boak, Martin Guitar is proud to introduce a stunning high-end Dreadnought model: the D-42 Special. Learn more.

Custom Major Kealakai

Major Kealakai was a guitar, trombone, and flute player trained by the Royal Hawaiian Band and was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in 1996. In 1916, Martin made the Major a unique custom guitar. Learn more.

DSS Hops & Barley

This limited-edition instrument is sure to become a collector’s dream guitar. Learn more.

D-17 Squadron

The artwork, with its unmistakable toothy grin, was executed by Robert F. Goetzl and inspired by the WWII squadron planes that were painted and made famous by the legendary American Volunteer Group, the Flying Tigers. Learn more.

D-18 Authentic 1937

1937 was an excellent year for guitars with a perfect storm of craftsmanship, innovation, and materials. This Authentic Series replication of a 1937 D-18 stays true to the original with hide glue construction and historically accurate detailing. Learn more.

D-28 Authentic 1937

The newly updated D-28 Authentic 1937 is built with Guatemalan rosewood back and sides, and includes some subtle spec refinements to make it even more faithful to the original. Learn more.

GPC-13E Burst

This full-gloss Grand Performance cutaway model includes a burst-finished spruce top and stunning ziricote fine veneer back and sides. Learn more.

000-16E StreetMaster

A respectful nod to the working musician, our popular StreetMaster® finish was introduced on solid mahogany 15 series models in 2017. Now we have applied this beautifully distressed finish to East Indian rosewood and Adirondack spruce for the first time. Learn more.

0 Tenor Uke

Martin has built the world’s finest ukuleles since 1916, and we’ve been building tenor ukes since 1929 that have long been prized for their full-bodied voice and significant volume. Learn more.

T1 Uke FSC

Built for serious players who want premium tone in an environmentally friendly instrument, this tenor-sized uke is made from 100% FSC® woods. Learn more.

C1 Uke

Martin has been building concert-sized ukes of world-renowned quality since 1925. Smaller than the tenor but larger than the soprano, the concert ukulele is a well-balanced, easy-to-play uke, perfect for anyone just starting out. Learn more.